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Blog of the Year Winner Buttons

No not me, I didn't win. It was James Graham As I had a slight lack of Internet access whilst in Brighton, it took some time to add the Winner Buttons to the and the winner is post on LibDemVoice. However as there are some 40 posts since then I think the winning (and highly commended) authors may have missed them. So here’s a plug. Feel free to use the buttons on your own site, and the same goes for all those who made the shortlist.

Presidental Election

Whilst the press would like you to believe that the talk of the Conference bar is Ming, it’s actual who is going to replace Simon Hughes as our President in 2009!
Campaigning has started early as people arrived at Conference wearing I’m 4 Ros badges. In a panic the John Smithson campaign had to be launched much earlier than planned and Theo got John Smithson for President badges made up on the LibDem Image stand. And last night the Lembit campaign started handing out stickers as they felt left behind.
I'm 4 Ros John Smithson for President I Pik Opik
Just not sure where the Lembit camp got their slogan from 😉

Best of both worlds

One of the best things about the flat that I’ve rented in Brighton is that we have a TV with a Freeview box.
This means that not only do I get to go to all the fringes and get the free food, meet up with my friends and gather a large collection of pens, I also get to lie on the sofa and watch the Conference hall on BBC Parliament when I’m tired.

EXCLUSIVE: Brown not to stand!

Word from my contact in the Treasury is that Gordon Brown WONT announce that he is standing tomorrow, nor will he ever.
Gordon has worked out that with inflation and interest rates at high levels, it’s time to bail. This way he’ll be remembered for being one of the best chancellors and not a poor one-term Prime Minister who had to deal with Iraq, Terrorism and Inflation.

Thank you and goodbye

Polling StationI would like to thank those who elected me last year, and voted for me this year. However with the boundary changes and all-ups unfortunately both Heather and myself are no longer the councillors for Park Ward. The Liberal Democrats did avoid a complete wipe out with Helen Heath taking one of the Labour seats in Carholme Ward.
The Tories did what they promised all year and took control of the council from Labour with 17 councillors (up 6). There was bad luck for Claire Metcalfe (Con) who got elected with me last year, she came 4th in Glebe, losing out to her 18 year old daughter Charlotte (Con) who came 1st and I wish Sandra Gratrick (Con) the best of luck next year having to stand for the third year in a row even though she’s been elected twice.
This years other losers were: Steve Allnutt (Lab); Lesley Rose (Lab); Larry Wells (Lab); Morris Cookson (Lab) and Geoff Ellis (Lab)

The signs at Flames of Lincoln

It seems that Flames of Lincoln have decided to go to the press over the decision by the Development Control Committee to part reject their retrospective planning application for external signs.
Now whilst I don’t have a problem with the actual signs, I do believe that they have too many, especially the vee-board over the window. Also the key point behind the rejection of the signs was that we have a City wide policy on signage. The owners should wander down the High Street to see how this policy has been applied.
Now if Flames of Lincoln had come to the council before putting up the signs we wouldn’t have had a problem. However instead they were put up without any permission and now wonder why they are being asked to take them down.