EXCLUSIVE: Brown not to stand!

Word from my contact in the Treasury is that Gordon Brown WONT announce that he is standing tomorrow, nor will he ever.
Gordon has worked out that with inflation and interest rates at high levels, it’s time to bail. This way he’ll be remembered for being one of the best chancellors and not a poor one-term Prime Minister who had to deal with Iraq, Terrorism and Inflation.

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Brown not to stand!

  1. If you’re right, that will be a political sensation! As a Lib Dem I’m torn. A different leader might be better for Britain – but GB is mannah from heaven for us at the ballot box. Whatever happens, I’m certain that GB’s credit card economics is coming home to roost – and that is bad for all of us!

  2. Damm!. Of course I didn’t have a source, but was hoping that it might be true, and being a blogger you can put EXCLUSIVE in front of anything without the need to back it up.
    The final test of the post will be to see how many click-throughs from LibDemBlogs I got. 🙂

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