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Brown does a funny U-turn

Texture like sunAccording to the BBC Brown defends ‘U-turn’ on 10p tax. Yet looking at the article and listening to what he has said I can’t see a U-turn.
I can see some distant promises to give old people some extra cash at winter, and some young people a bit more via the minimum wage (notice not actually via the government) and some more tax credits to those without children.
However here’s the problem, at the moment to get Working Tax Credits you need be earning less than £13,000 as a single person over 26, or £18,000 (combined income) as a couple over 26.
Meaning a married couple earning £9,000 each get NO tax credits, yet get hit with a 10% tax increase on their income.
Gordon Brown (who last time I checked was no longer the Chancellor) is still screwing over those on low incomes.
I get paid next Monday and for the first time my actuall wage will be less than last month, something that I never believed would happen with a Labour Government (well at least while my income was nowhere near the 40% rate).

Darling: I can’t rewrite Budget – Liar!

Pants on Fire Alistair Darling today suggested that he couldn’t rewrite the budget. Almost trying to put the blame for the tax rise on one Gordon Brown. However he LIES!!!!!! On the 12th March 2008 he read out his first budget. It would have been possible for him in this one to either re-introduce the 10p tax band, or alternatively put up the tax free threshold so that no one was worse off. However the Labour Party seem to be a bit thick and didn’t realise that this was such a big issue that they would have ministers almost resigning, yet over a year ago I was already pointing out that low income earners would be worse off.
I expect that most of the shouting is to do with the local elections and that once May 1st is over you won’t see Darling making any attempt to help anyone out.

EXCLUSIVE: Brown not to stand!

Word from my contact in the Treasury is that Gordon Brown WONT announce that he is standing tomorrow, nor will he ever.
Gordon has worked out that with inflation and interest rates at high levels, it’s time to bail. This way he’ll be remembered for being one of the best chancellors and not a poor one-term Prime Minister who had to deal with Iraq, Terrorism and Inflation.

Thank you and goodbye

Polling StationI would like to thank those who elected me last year, and voted for me this year. However with the boundary changes and all-ups unfortunately both Heather and myself are no longer the councillors for Park Ward. The Liberal Democrats did avoid a complete wipe out with Helen Heath taking one of the Labour seats in Carholme Ward.
The Tories did what they promised all year and took control of the council from Labour with 17 councillors (up 6). There was bad luck for Claire Metcalfe (Con) who got elected with me last year, she came 4th in Glebe, losing out to her 18 year old daughter Charlotte (Con) who came 1st and I wish Sandra Gratrick (Con) the best of luck next year having to stand for the third year in a row even though she’s been elected twice.
This years other losers were: Steve Allnutt (Lab); Lesley Rose (Lab); Larry Wells (Lab); Morris Cookson (Lab) and Geoff Ellis (Lab)

2p of Income Tax, so am I better off?

Today’s announcement that 2p will be taken off Income Tax looks good, however the BBC report that I’ll also lose the 10p band, so some back of the fag packet (excel) calculations show.

Before (according to 2007/8 figures from HMRC)
Income TaxPersonal Allowance £5,225 = £0
10p rate £2,230 = £223.00
22p rate £8,545 = £1,87.90
Total tax = £2,102.90

Now (using 20p and no 10p rate)
Personal Allowance £5,225 = £0
20p rate £10,775 = £2,155.00
Total tax = £2,155.00

Difference £52.10 worse off.

Pushing the correct buttons on Excel manage to show that a salary of £18,605 would result in no change and anything more would result in a tax cut.

Edit – OK for the time being I’m actually better off, forgetting to add my Council Allowance to these figures.