Darling: I can’t rewrite Budget – Liar!

Pants on Fire Alistair Darling today suggested that he couldn’t rewrite the budget. Almost trying to put the blame for the tax rise on one Gordon Brown. However he LIES!!!!!! On the 12th March 2008 he read out his first budget. It would have been possible for him in this one to either re-introduce the 10p tax band, or alternatively put up the tax free threshold so that no one was worse off. However the Labour Party seem to be a bit thick and didn’t realise that this was such a big issue that they would have ministers almost resigning, yet over a year ago I was already pointing out that low income earners would be worse off.
I expect that most of the shouting is to do with the local elections and that once May 1st is over you won’t see Darling making any attempt to help anyone out.

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