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Liberal Democrats for Obama

Liberal Democrats for Obama

A while back I sliently closed the focusFodder spreadshirt shop. However after looking at the Barack Obama site I decided that I wanted a nice Obama top.
Due to foreign donation laws I’m not allowed to buy direct from the Obama Store, and the graphics on CafePress weren’t that great. So I’m pleased to annouce that I’ve launched “Liberal Democrats for Obama” in five different styles for you to purchase.
Postage to the UK is only £2.20 and their turnaround should be around 5 days.

Presidental Election

Whilst the press would like you to believe that the talk of the Conference bar is Ming, it’s actual who is going to replace Simon Hughes as our President in 2009!
Campaigning has started early as people arrived at Conference wearing I’m 4 Ros badges. In a panic the John Smithson campaign had to be launched much earlier than planned and Theo got John Smithson for President badges made up on the LibDem Image stand. And last night the Lembit campaign started handing out stickers as they felt left behind.
I'm 4 Ros John Smithson for President I Pik Opik
Just not sure where the Lembit camp got their slogan from 😉

Shop of the Month

This was in my inbox today, via the Spreadshirt Newsletter.

Shop of the Month: focusfodder

Accentuating the positive?

LibDems is the hangout spot for the liberal democrat blogs of Britian. In case you thought you were alone, currently over 50 bloggers are in the arena. With topics ranging from: Brit monarchy, Canadian elections, building bridges and, sometimes, even fighting hard (as Simon from Inner West posted “Ambition is a reality of politics, and a good thing. We can’t always be nice and fluffy. We might actually want to be successful.” I like his style. Speaking of which, you can wear your LibDem thoughts via this lovely focusFodder shop.