Roku app removals

On the 24th February Roku will be removing my private channels. This includes the unofficial FilmOn, TVPlayer and TVCatchup apps.

The developer scene has changed at Roku since I first worked on this project over 5 years ago. Private channels have gone, and have now been replaced with beta apps. With these you can only have 20 beta testers and apps expire after 120 days.

If you wish to submit a channel to appear for everyone you need to complete certification and as all of my apps involved streams that were never my intellectual property I have no plans to submit them for approval.

It may still be possible to “sideload” the app via the Developer Settings on your own Roku. It’s been years since I’ve needed to do it, but the instructions can be found here.

The zip files which contain the Brightscript code can still be downloaded from my Google Drive, and you are welcome to reuse the code, if you manage to get anything working feel free to let me know. (this app hasn’t worked for years, but code is available to view)

9 thoughts on “Roku app removals

  1. Thanks for the efforts you put into this, it was great being able to tap into BBC programming here in Canada. Unfortunate that it’s now gone, but it was good while it lasted.

  2. I appreciate your effort. I’ve been using this app for many years. Thank you also for taking your time to explain why it’s gone. Is there an equivalent app for android?

  3. Ryan, I was able to sideload the app on my Roku. It was acutally pretty easy to do. The only problem is after the timeout the video does not restart. It just shows the frozen video with a “Loading BBC One” or whatever channel you are watching.

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