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NowTV Entertainment Pack

So earlier this week Sky announced that their NowTV service offers the ability to live stream several of their channels, plus get on demand with some back catalogues.
It’s an additional monthly cost on top of the Movies or Sport, but at £4.99 a month with no contract it seemed like a worthwhile trial.

The current channels available are

  • Sky 1
  • Sky Living
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Gold
  • Comedy Central
  • Fox
  • MTV
  • Sky Arts 1
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel

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In defence of Top Gear

Last week, Top Gear did a piece on driving electric cars to Cleethorpes. They have been slated by the pro EV, anti Top Gear lot after it turned out the Nissan recorded the battery and geolocation stats for the Leaf. And they have form, in 2008 they lied about the Tesla running out of juice around the track.

However as some who lives in Lincoln, has family in London and Cleethorpes I was interest in the piece to see if an EV would be worth it for me (if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t even afford a £500 ten year old car right now).

So what did I learn?
The cars are f-ing expensive! £35k for a small car!
Without a fast charging point it takes hours to recharge.
The battery won’t make it from Lincoln to London.

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Doctor Who Season “4” trailer on-line

45 minutes ago the BBC first aired the new Doctor Who trailer, it’s already online via their Doctor Who Site.
It seems that U.N.I.T. will be making there appearance in this season (after the name dropping in Reset, and then the raid in Fragments in Torchwood) and for those who haven’t seen the spoilers in the tabloids, both Martha and Rose seem to be making a comeback.

The problem with Golden Balls – always Steal!

OK, other than the fact that it is rather crap, the biggest problem I have with Golden Balls is the Share or Steal at the end. Whilst I never studied Game theory, this is pretty much a Prisoner’s dilemma. However the payoff matrix is weighted in an odd format.

Assume that you have a 6th sense, you are sat in the chair and the amount is £50,000.

If you knew that your opponent who you will never see again is going to share what would you do?
If you share it’s 50/50, and you walk away with £25,000, but if you steal thats £50,000 in your pocket!

However if you knew that they were to steal, your f*cked. You’re going home with nothing, so what do you choose? Well if it’s share, you’ve just given your opponent fifty grand, but if it’s steal you could shaft them and ensure that they go home with nothing too.

So if you look back, on both scenarios steal was the best option, which means that you should always steal.

What to watch over the summer

Today at work I was trying to work out what I could start watching over the summer period. 24, Smallville, My Name is Earl, Battlestar Galactica and Heroes are now over and it won’t be long before Lost stops too. This is now leaving me with around 5-6 hours of TV time free.
But then on the way home I remembered what I watch to fill my free time over the summer. Big Brother! With pictures of the new house in the papers and on the web, I can’t believe that I couldn’t put the two together. Season Eight is only 8 days away, so whilst all the good American TV is on it’s break, I’ll just put up with the cheap space filling stuff you get on Channel 4.

YAY: Whilst researching this post I had originally wrote

On top of that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip has been axed.

but the NBC website shows a NEW episode to be aired this Thursday. Web reports show that there are 6 episodes still to be aired and that the future of Studio 60 is still being decided.

Eurovision – Live Blogging

23:13 FIX – The Serbian Hiro was in the bottom half of my votes. Oh well, see you next year.

21:47 My top three: Ukraine, Russia and Sweden

21:43 Moldova – More leather 7/10
21:38 Armenia – More beer is needed! 4/10
21:35 Turkey – I suppose he’s ok 7/10
21:30 Bulgaria – ee! 3/10
21:26 Romania – Oh no 4/10
21:24 United Kingdom – Ouch my ears hurt, but better than most 7/10
21:22 Just realised my Stella has been imported from the Ukraine. Does the shop around the corner know something about the contest?
21:18 Ukraine – ai lyu lyu? 9/10
21:14 Serbia – Is that a Serbian Hiro? 5/10
21:11 Germany – German crooning – not good 6/10
21:07 Russia – Definitely no moustaches 8/10
21:03 Latvia – Not keen on the hats, can sing, but just not Eurovision 6/10
21:00 France – Are they French or English? 7/10
20:59 Back from getting beer and chocolate :)
20:53 Sweden – Finally something that is alright 7/10
20:50 Georgia – Dancers are the best bit of this one 5/10
20:45 Greece – A London Enrique 6/10
20:43 Lithuania – Looks like Gorillaz are in the band 5/10
20:39 Hungary – Did nothing for me 4/10
20:36 Need beer and chocolates, but have neither :(
20:34 Slovenia – hmmm 3/10
20:30 FYR Macedonia – Nice 6/10
20:26 Finland – Best so far, but not that hard 6/10
20:22 Ireland – Very Irish, but can’t understand her 4/10
20:19 Worried I might run out of negative words
20:18 Belarus – Not bad 6/10
20:12 Spain – zzzzzz 3/10
20:08 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Nothing exciting 4/10

Bloke and Bird split up

A Bloke and A BirdMy morning routine generally involves a quick look at my phone to flick through the overnight emails and a read through the BBC News stories.
This allows me to work out if there might be anything exciting on the morning news.
At 7am today, it looked like the headlines would most likely be about the Bourbon Dolphin, so I stayed in bed for a bit.
Getting down for about 7.45 I put on BBC Breakfast and watched Newswatch. It was then followed by the headlines. The top story, Young Unmarried Couple Split Up, looking at my phone, I was sent the story via Breaking News by 7.15.
If that wasn’t bad enough I went to the gym which had the same story on loop.
Finally getting home I put on Radio 4 and listened again to the Now Show. Then proper news came on, none of this magazine style BBC One type news. But guess what was the top story, 47 dead in Iraq? Nope, that couple again.
Please BBC, if I see this as the lead story by 22.10 tonight I want my license fee back!