Lincoln Digital Switchover

Get Set for DigitialIf you live in Lincoln you should have recently received the pamphlet from digitaluk explaining the TV digital switchover.

However if you haven’t or have questions here is further information:

Most houses in Lincoln will receive their TV via the Belmont (Look North) or Waltham (Look East) transmitters.

If you have Sky, Freesat or Virgin there isn’t anything you need to do with your main TVs, however if you have other TVs in the house which are still using the TV aerial on the roof you will need to ensure they are ready, or expect not to use them.

All new TVs will come with Freeview built in and most from the last 3 years already have, if you get BBC3 and BBC4 then you have digital.

If you do still have TVs which aren’t ready the simplest and cheapest option is to get a Freeview box from your local Supermarket, they should be around £20 and sit between the aerial you currently have and your TV. If after purchasing one you can’t get BBC4 or CBeebies you might need a new aerial (especially if you are on Belmont). If you do I suggest either visiting or calling 08456 50 50 50. You shouldn’t really be paying more than £100 for install and aerial, however houses which are taller than two stories, require lots of cabling or want more than one room set up might be more.

For those 75 and over, or have lived in a care home for six months, or get certain disability benefits or is registered blind / partially sighted, the BBC have a scheme for £40 to provide a box, installation and support. You should have received a letter which you need to reply to, but for more info visit or call 0800 40 85 900.

On the 3rd August (Belmont) or 17th August (Waltham) the process of switchover begins. On this date you will need to retune your Freeview box, and you will notice that on non-digital TVs BBC2 will have gone. This is to remind you that if you wish to continue watching TV after the switchover you will need to convert the TV to digital.
Then on the 17th August (Belmont) or 31st August (Waltham) the second stage will occur. Again you need to return your Freeview box, and now no channels will be on non-digital TVs.

To retune your Freeview box/TV you will need to get in to the Menu, select “Setup” or “Installation” and then select “Full Retune”, “First Time Instalation”, “Factory Reset” or “Default Settings”. Don’t worry that it prompts you if you are sure as channels will be deleted, you need to do this to ensure you continue to get all the stations. If you are asked for a security code try “0000” or “1234”. If in any doubt check the userguide that came with your Freeview Box or TV.

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