PayPal and Joint Bank Accounts

I’ve been with PayPal for years, today I tried to withdraw £50 and realised that I still had my old bank details on it, so I went to add my new account details.
Except PayPal told me that I couldn’t as another PayPal account was already linked to this bank account. That would be my Wife as we have a joint account.
So I searched a bit to see if there was anyway both of us could use our only bank account. The answer NOPE. A bank account can only ever be linked to one PayPal account.
So maybe we could just have a joint PayPal account, NOPE. One user only per account and if you share passwords you could have your account suspended and money frozen.

So for now I’m left with the ability to top-up my PayPal account via the debit card, and to transfer money out I have to first send it to Heather and get her to remove it. All in all a right pain in the arse.

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