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Breakfast Vidcast

Breakfast TakeawayI decided after seeing the advert for the Breakfast Takeaway Vidcast to give it a go on my P990i. I was expecting the quality to be pretty poor, and wasn’t expecting many stories. However it’s 10 minutes of the mornings news in quality which is better than that off an analogue TV.
If you are one of these people who rushes out of the house without getting to catch the news, but then have a 10min+ train/bus/tube journey, give it a try.
The only shame was that it didn’t have the Borat story, where Sacha Baron Cohen kept calling the short BBC interviewer as small girl. Fall Schedule 2006 have the Fall Schedule out, so I’ve been looking for when the shows I want are on.

The ones I’ve found so far are:
Mondays 10pm – Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
(NBC, premieres September 18)
Wednesdays 9pm – Lost
(ABC, third season premieres October 4)
Thursdays 8pm – My Name is Earl
(NBC, second season premieres September 21)
Thursdays 8pm – Smallville
(CW, sixth season premieres September 28)
Fridays 10pm – Battlestar Galactica
(Sci Fi, third season premieres October 6)

Of course we’ll also have Torchwood to look forward to on BBC3 too.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

studio60Managed to watch a copy of the pilot this morning of the new show from Aaron Sorkin. I was really impressed with it, it had the feel of the West Wing, as well as a large number of the cast (at least 6 and I’m sure I spotted a seventh) whilst not actually being about politics.
We’ve yet to really see how any of the episode will run, but the series is on Monday this Fall on NBC so I’ll be watching out for it.

More channels on our box

FreeviewYesterday after having enough of only being able to watch channels 1 to 4, I went out and bought a Freeview box.
I plugged it in, followed the instructions and got BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three/CBBC and BBC News 24. So I went from getting four channels to four channels.
So today I phoned for an aerial engineer called R W Parish, he was here for an hour. Installed a new aerial and replaced the coaxial cable as the old cable was pretty much damaged and now we have lots of channels.
I got Freeview because I wanted BBC Three, BBC Four, E4 and More 4 whilst I think Heather will be happy with just CBeebies.

Dream Number

Dream NumberThere are adverts on TV at the moment about the new lottery game Dream Number. In it they mention that “Winning just got easier”. The game has a 1 in 10 chance of winning and the most likely prize is only £2. In the small print it says compared to Lotto Extra, this game has now been removed, however it had odds of 1 in 13,983,816 and had one prize that was almost always over a million pounds. I’m sure that whatever concept they could have come up with would have resulted in more chances in winning.