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FreeviewYesterday after having enough of only being able to watch channels 1 to 4, I went out and bought a Freeview box.
I plugged it in, followed the instructions and got BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three/CBBC and BBC News 24. So I went from getting four channels to four channels.
So today I phoned for an aerial engineer called R W Parish, he was here for an hour. Installed a new aerial and replaced the coaxial cable as the old cable was pretty much damaged and now we have lots of channels.
I got Freeview because I wanted BBC Three, BBC Four, E4 and More 4 whilst I think Heather will be happy with just CBeebies.

2 thoughts on “More channels on our box

  1. got freeview it was great now cant not get bbc 1 and 2 and others information show new channel please wait then go to no singal re tuned many times this is on two diffront boxes on two diffront arieals other channells are good so not my aerial this is not just me it my neibours also my area is ct19 5bq

  2. Iris, I suggest you check with they offer some of the best independent analysis of local Freeview coverage. According to their site your local transmitter is in Dover and I can see that some other people are having similar issues.
    Leave a comment there and I’m sure you’ll get a detailed reply.

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