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20mphI live in a 20mph zone, we have terminal signs at all entrances informing people that they are entering the zone, but once in it they are only reminded it is twenty when exiting the zone.

I wrote to County to see if repeater signs were possible as they are in the West End. After months of waiting I got this reply.

Regarding your query about 20mph Zones and additional signs, the Sincil Bank Area is subject to a 20mph Zone and as such the use of 20mph repeater signs within the area is not allowed under the signing regulations. Any motorist, when driving off from being parked in the area, should know that they are within a 20mph Zone as they cannot enter the area without passing the 20mph Zone signs.You refer to the West End scheme, this area is covered by 20mph speed limits which does allow the use of repeater signs. This was introduced in this area, rather than a Zone, because of a bus route running through the area, which prevented the use of road humps and speed tables.

Surely this couldn’t be correct, a 20mph zone isn’t allowed repeater signs?
So I used Google to look for more information (notice how I didn’t google 20 mph zone).

After finding many local council press releases I found the Department for Transport website. I read through 20 mph speed limits and zones which didn’t tell me either way, next I tried Speed: Know your limits which on page 11 told me.

30mph Speed LimitThe 30mph speed limit is predominately used in urban areas (and more recently in many villages) and usually is indicated by the presence of a system of streetlights. The presence of street lights is the way we recognise this speed limit and it is the reason why you do not see, apart from where the limit starts, 30mph speed limit signs. Some believe this to be an odd way of indicating a speed limit, but really it is simple. If there are streetlights and no signs to the contrary a 30mph speed limit is in force.

30mphSo surely here was my answer, driving away from being parked outside my house at no point do I see any signs to the contrary, so the speed limit must be 30mph. But I knew that it couldn’t be that simple.

Looking at the References in the 20 mph speed limits and zones from earlier I could see something that might be useful TA Leaflet 1/95 Speed Limit Signs – A Guide to Good Practice, a search on the DFT website lead me to this page which states

20 mph speed limit zone – NO REPEATERS

Wow capitals, so County weren’t lying, we can’t have repeaters in the Sincil Bank Area.

Time to pester one of those Transport Minsters I think.

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