Guns, boats and a house that eats people

Miami Vice Been to the movies twice since my last review. David and I saw Miami Vice last week. I don’t remember the original TV show, but this was a great film. The camera work in the final battle was really good with handycams being mixed in with normal cameras. The film might have been a bit long in the middle and one of the plot lines was so obvious that you could see it coming from the first few minutes, but still it was better than a lot of the other films out at the moment and I want that boat. 7/10

Monster House The next film I’ve seen wasn’t on the list of films to watch this summer, but as we had Heathers niece and nephew over and Heather was at singing practice I agreed to take them to the cinema. They choose Monster House. The animated film is based around Halloween and has a House which eats people. I do enjoy watching children’s films, only on Monday we watched the Shrek 2 DVD, but the film wasn’t that great. The plot was boring, the animation wasn’t near the levels expected these days and the kids didn’t seem that excited once the film finished. 2/10

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