Not a post about the Lincoln Football Team, but about the BBC Interactive Media Player.
I blogged about this back in December last year, and am now the 14th result on Google for Interactive Media Player.
Today I got my trial invite 🙂
Not sure if it was from the email I sent months ago, or the comment I left on the BBC stand at Federal Conference, however I’ve now got it up and running on my computer.
Finally I can get to watch those missed episodes of Spooks, or the new comedy on BBC Three that we can’t get without an aerial upgrade.
Will comment later on quality, just waiting for The Thick of It to download.

4 thoughts on “iMP

  1. 🙂 Hello Artesea! Wow, this is the first time I visit your blog. I really like your design of colors and buttons, I think I might as well blog roll you if you’d like, I have a page I’ve neglected that is called Internet for people like Us, were you would fill in perfectly, but I do not want to do that unless I pick up my practice of regular blogging with it. Are you still at HS? I don’t know if I ever formally thank you, I think I probably did, but it never hurts to say again that I am grateful there is dedicated people like you around.
    God Bless you.


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