Debrand your W960 / P1 for FREE (or your P990, M600, W950)

After my successful debrand your phone for about a Β£5 (33,618 hits, 104 comments) and then unbrand your mobile for free (11,680 hits, 161 comments) posts. I now bring you the easiest way to de-brand your phone for free.
No more looking for files in folders which are about 41 bytes, no more trying to get the to download the files, no more running SEUS fifteen times, just 8 simple steps.

But before I begin, here are the usual disclaimers:

WARNING doing this could brick your phone!

Whilst I have successfully converted several Vodafone W960i into unbranded ones, I can’t guarantee that the same will happen to you. If you’re not 100% confident then DON’T do it. All actions are taken at your own risk! Yada yada ya…
There seem to be some issues with the M600, please read the comments first and then judge for yourself if you want to go ahead!

The things you will need to successfully remove the network customisations from your phone are:

  1. Perform a back-up of your phone via the PC Suite (or however you prefer), as you are going to wipe all of the phones C drive.
  2. Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS), click on the icons matching your phone, when prompted pull the battery out and put it back in, when prompted plug the cable into your phone whilst holding down C (this is either the letter C on the keyboard, the Cancel button or even the @ internet button). Once it’s found your phone it’ll will either prompt you to update the firmware or inform you that you have the latest. Either way, quit SEUS without doing anything else. (This will force your PC to find the drivers required for your phone)
  3. Run XS++, click on the SMARTPHONE CONNECT box, and press Connect. The box on the left will tell you what to do, but it’ll be similar to step 2.
    Click for Full Screen
  4. Once connected you now need to select the new CDA for your phone:
    W960 – CDA 162032/1
    P1 – CDA 162022/1
    P990 – CDA 162007/1
    M600 – CDA 162011/1
    W950 – CDA 162014/1
    and hit Run Script. (They all have GW1 in the script name, however you can choose any of the others, but I recommend the Generic World 1 scripts)
    Click for Full Screen
  5. You can now close XS++, I recommend that you don’t touch anything else in XS++!
  6. Now run SEUS again, this time do the update on your phone.
  7. Boot up your phone to the Sony Ericsson or Walkman startup screens. Goodbye Vodafone, Orange or o2 πŸ™‚
  8. Restore the backup of your phone

See wasn’t that easy.

As before, feel free to put questions in the comment box.

And if you feel like it you can always send a donation via PayPal πŸ˜‰

211 thoughts on “Debrand your W960 / P1 for FREE (or your P990, M600, W950)

  1. When you say to do a backup do u mean to backup things like msgs, pics, contacts etc or do you have to backup all the software etc?

    Basically does debranding wipe the phone or just wipe personal stuff like contacts etc

    Thanks (ps very good guide, will be trying it soon)

  2. Irfan Pathan, it’s going to wipe everything from the C drive, contacts, pictures, calendar entries, games, software, ringtones…
    You should be fine using the PC Suite backup and restore program, others however prefer to copy the contacts to the memory card and start a fresh.

  3. Thanks a lot for the free tip !
    It did work with my french Orange P990i !
    I was a bit afraid when the process was running, but
    it went atout free from any brand !

    Ca a bien marche malgres quelques sueurs froides durand le flashage. Fini l’ecran d’acceuil de la marque orange, vive Sony !

    Merci à toi pour le super plan gratuit !

    JR (Paris, France)

  4. im about to try this on my w960 that vodafone branded. im a bit afraid but willing to take the risk…. this works right? i’ve done my w810 using davinci hence the reason im thinking about doin this. someone who have done it add me on messenger pleaseee!!! [email protected] THANKS in advance

  5. 22:47:18| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    22:47:18| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    22:48:13| Error: Server not found!
    22:48:16| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:48:16| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:48:16| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    22:48:16| You have 30 seconds…
    22:48:46| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    22:48:48| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    22:49:11| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:49:11| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:49:11| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    22:49:11| You have 30 seconds…
    22:49:20| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    22:50:19| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:50:19| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:50:19| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW.
    22:50:19| You have 30 seconds…
    22:50:49| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    22:50:51| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    22:51:08| Attempting to open the interface…
    22:51:08| TURN OFF PHONE!
    22:51:08| Hold ‘C’ button on phone and connect phone NOW
    22:51:08| You have 30 seconds…
    22:51:39| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    22:51:41| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    22:52:45| Shutting down…

  6. oh sorry, anon again, i mean exit seus, when i get to the screen tellin me i have the most recent firmware i try to exit but it says i cant.:( after i get an answer il try it with my phone

  7. anon if it SEUS being run for the first time, just kill it in task manager if it’s not loading. You won’t need to run it again as by now the drivers should be successfully installed on your machine.
    If it’s doing it after you’ve used XS++, be carefull. If you are at the “Press to update” you should be fine to stop/kill SEUS, if you are going through the bit where you are downloading the software, stop/kill and uninstall, delete all the files in the SEUS folder in the program files folder of your computer, reinstall, and try again. If you are on the bit where it’s copying the data to your phone, leave it as long as possible. If it’s at 97+% then try booting your phone, otherwise do SEUS again (maybe on a second machine).

  8. Fantastic!!! Just said “SEE YOU LATER” to the old clunky Vodafone environment on my M600i. It’s so simple!! Thanks heaps!! Had to do something after Vodafone NZ couldn’t do anything to help me…

  9. Worked fine on my “Digicel Jamaica” branded p990i, now I have Generic World 1…. with the latest firmware of course. πŸ˜‰ with the Digicel jamaica region (90) it wasn’t possible.

  10. it’s not working with my o2-branded W950i… damn it.

    XS++ cannot detect the phone. I have checked SMARTPHONE CONNECT:

    17:08:12| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    17:08:12| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    ***after waiting and holdin C too long i click disconnect…***
    17:08:46| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    I also used to connect to XS++ when the phone was on, but then it says:
    17:16:20| Master Port detected: COM3
    17:16:20| Slave Port detected: COM4
    17:16:20| Opening Port!
    17:16:20| Init Master Failed!

    and in the log I found this, didn’t see it when it happened:

    17:09:06| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    17:09:06| Sendinging shutdown signal to phone…
    17:09:08| Shutting down…

    thanks for any help!

  11. :lol:8)

    Just done this on my Vodafone UK branded W960i and it worked a treat , Yippe… I’m non technical just followed the instructions , simple.

  12. mike run XS++ and make sure that you have the correct M600 file selected. Then you’ll need to uninstall SEUS, find the SEUS folder in Program Files and delete EVERYTHING, then reinstall SEUS and download the firmware again. If you continue to have problems, use another computer with SEUS.

  13. I did everything once more.
    in XS++ i selected

    It completed with no errors.

    I installed and ran SEUS on another computer.
    same problem, it says I have the most recent update and doesnt do anything.

    This is depressing.

  14. mike, you should be given the option to install the firmware anyway, if you continue to have problems you’ll need to go to Sony Ericsson or your network to see if they can use EMMA to flash the phone.

  15. Ill try hooking my computer directly to the modem, or use a computer at someone else’s home. Maybe my firewall is the problem. I told it to pass everything through this morning and its log doesnt show its blocking anything when I do the update but I am not getting the option to install the firmware, it just says Im up to date.

  16. mike, there really should be the option to flash the phone anyway, as the P990 always comes up as having “new” firmware I can’t test. However you might want to try using XS++ to turn your phone to chinesse / hk, flash it, then turn it back to GW1.

  17. Man, this is awesome! I’ve had a V800 and I lived the phone, but the vodamized firmware made me nuts…
    But with this I can easaly digg my new p990i…
    Thanks Man! You Rock!

  18. yes, i’ve run SEUS directly before.
    updated it, and a second (and third) time i quit before reinstalling the current firmware, as step 2 says…
    is there anything more i can do?

  19. Worked a treat for Orange branded P990i. I used Vista, the only difference being I had to kill SEUS in Task Manager. First class tutorial mate, thank you VERY much.


  20. I accidentally updated the firmware of my Australian 3 M600i through SEUS and after changing the phone’s CDA and running SEUS again, it said the phone is already up-to-date and I can’t update the firmware anymore. Please help!

  21. smail, what’s the full debug from XS++ show?

    Ashed, there really should be an Update anyway option, although others are reporting that this isn’t appearing with their M600s. Not too sure what else can be done.

  22. Ryan, I posted it earlier, here my XS++ log again:

    XS++ cannot detect the phone. I have checked SMARTPHONE CONNECT:

    17:08:12| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    17:08:12| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    ***after waiting and holdin C too long i click disconnect…***
    17:08:46| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

    I also used to connect to XS++ when the phone was on, but then it says:
    17:16:20| Master Port detected: COM3
    17:16:20| Slave Port detected: COM4
    17:16:20| Opening Port!
    17:16:20| Init Master Failed!

    and in the log I found this, didn’t see it when it happened:

    17:09:06| Sorry, your phone is NOT SUPPORTED
    17:09:06| Sendinging shutdown signal to phone…
    17:09:08| Shutting down…

    One of the reasons why I want to debrand it is that I get a lot of messages if I want to install apps everytime I unplug the phone from a computer. Cannot get rid of them. Has anyone maybe any other ideas, apart from debranding?


  23. smail, for the install apps issue you will need to use the datacable and your phone in File Transfer mode.
    Go to /private/10202dce/ on the phone’s folder, from you PC
    You’ll find the installer files (.sis) just delete them and you’re done.
    Not sure why XS++ won’t let you debrand the phone though, could try their forums.

  24. Ryan I also have the issue of the updating anyway option not appearing. I am also on Australian 3 like the other person.

    One thing I have noticed is that in the phone status screen, the firmware shows as:

    CXC162037 R9F011

  25. (cant post long comments?)
    it shows as prgCXC162037_CCPU_HE_LL_NI < and there are 5 boxes here like its corrupt or something but this doenst show up in the service menu software screen. Also XS++ doesnt get my bluetooth version but it has all other versions fine

  26. Worked OK on UK “02” P990i.
    But did take 3 attempts to get final update to work, and was very slow updating.
    Got there in the end.
    All WG1 and latest firmware now.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  27. I change the cda on my m600i but SEUS say “no update your phone is up to date”. Now i can’t install french language because the organizer is CXC 162071 R6A16. What can i do to unbrand my m600i and to install french language.

    Thank you

  28. I tried with a M600i with Australian Three network.

    Followed the instructions exactly, however end up with the message “Your mobile is already up-to-date”, and no option for forced update.

    How should I proceed from here?

  29. For stuck M600 users, other than hoping that SEUS will allow you to update, the only other options I know are:
    taking your phone to Sony Ericsson service centre and for them to use EMMA;
    or to try Davinci Team who charge €20 for a PDA Flash, which includes the actual firmware.

  30. I reflash my “broken” m600i with davinci for 20€ and it works. You should not say in the tittle that the free unbrand is working with m600i. Lot of people on french forum have the same problem.

  31. I have a problem with both of debrand metods on my M600i. Both of metods going to last step and after that SEUS told me that I already have newer version.

    What can be a problem. Can anyone know?

  32. Does this method still work on an M600i?

    Mine is unlocked but vodafone branded, really want it debranded but read that some have been bricked this method, is that still happening?

    The phone is UK btw.

  33. πŸ™

    i tried all 3 way. the size checker version, the davinci, and the xs++
    non of them works. i just found out, my p600i is a brown version.

    any help would be great

  34. 23:32:11| Attempting to open the interface…
    23:32:50| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    23:34:09| Attempting to open the interface…
    23:34:28| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    23:35:13| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    23:35:13| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    23:36:03| Master Port detected: COM4
    23:36:03| Slave Port detected: COM5
    23:36:03| Opening Port!
    23:36:03| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    23:36:05| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    23:42:59| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    23:42:59| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    23:43:36| Master Port detected: COM4
    23:43:36| Slave Port detected: COM5
    23:43:37| Opening Port!
    23:43:37| Init Master Failed!

  35. πŸ˜† Very very happy, great tutorial,I’m beginning to hate orange, they assured me this phone was seamless with my apple mac before I committed to it for 18 months, so far no joy lets have a go now their firmware barring is switched off.
    I know I have to moderate emotions on here but they have been just awful about all this… what use is a smart phone that does not sync with your computer? I have been an Orange customer since 1995 and they really haven’t helped at all with the issues, if I could have done this then why didn’t they tell me before? maybe it will sync with my Parrot kit now as well, I will let you know. By the way I did the upgrade on my Girlfriends Vaio, what about all the mac users that don’t have access to a PC?
    Thanks again.

    Okay, an update… my p990 has just synced for the first time ever with my apple mac, thank you so much, I now have a smart phone after carrying the thing around for over a year!


  36. This worked amazing on my SE p990i branded by 3 (three sweden) now its unbranded. Maybe unlocked??

    Thanks for this amazing guide!!!!

  37. 23:32:11| Attempting to open the interface…
    23:32:50| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    23:34:09| Attempting to open the interface…
    23:34:28| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    23:35:13| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    23:35:13| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    23:36:03| Master Port detected: COM4
    23:36:03| Slave Port detected: COM5
    23:36:03| Opening Port!
    23:36:03| Error: Cannot open phone communication port
    23:36:05| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    23:42:59| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    23:42:59| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    23:43:36| Master Port detected: COM4
    23:43:36| Slave Port detected: COM5
    23:43:37| Opening Port!
    23:43:37| Init Master Failed!

    if you have the above error,

    please checked if you are holding the “C” button in your computer rather than the “C” button in your phone?

    Please remember you should press the “C” button in your phone.

  38. HI. for some reason the 2,4,5 & (*) keys on my phone is not working… upon turning on my phone i have a lock code.. but the lock code consist of me pressing 2 of these keys to unlock it. i am thinking that it may be a firmware issue.. can some one help me in flashing my phone or giving me a software that can reset my phone’s phone lock code to 0000… PLEASE HELP.

  39. Hi again.
    I’m trying to use this method that you suggested. I’m already encountering an issue. After I installed SEUS, it just keeps running that animation of the SE logo. It downloaded the necessary files and it didnt say anything else.
    What can I do now ?

  40. It just hanged for a few minutes. It worked ok.
    Debranding 100% complete on a SE P990i. I must admit that I was very scared at the beginning because many people told me that it might get blocked forever. After I ran XS++ and after it said that the operation was successful I suddenly became more optimistic. Then SEUS recognized automatically the update needed and everything worked fine. +1 happy dude here.
    Thank you so much for the help!

  41. its important to note that the instructions DO NOT tell you to switch off your phone remove and replace the battery then hold down c while you try to connect XS++ I had to read the XS++ instruction manual to find that point out.

    That said it seems to de-brand orange phones fairly well.

  42. same problem as a few people before me.. SEUS gives out message update is up to date and there is nothing (at least nothing for free) to do about that.. please write if you find a solution..

  43. Hi.I debrand my P990i (Orange -Poland) this method. And after this all looking ok.Is possible run demo …but phone say” PLEASE INSERT SIM CARD” …but sim card is inserted!!.I no make a backup before do this debranding procedure because i buy this phone yesterday..but this is no important for this “Please insert Sim Card” right? Guys PLEASE Help…

  44. Hi i’m about to ( tonight ) attempt to unbrand my orange uk m600i, from what ive read as per instructions seems easy, can i just confirm the Xs++ and (mirror) links involve a file download to pc ? Also when you state close Xs++ do you mean teh close option bottom right or the X top right? im ok with pc’s but would liek to get it right 1st time fingers crossed!

  45. PMRT, the links to XS++ are for either a ZIP or RAR of the XS++ executable.
    Close is via either the red cross at the top, or the button in the app.
    Only issue is that SEUS seems to believe that there are no longer any updates for the M600. I have heard that Sony Ericsson are fixing this, but have yet to have it confirmed that it works again.
    You won’t harm your phone trying to do all the stages and if SEUS doesn’t allow you to install the new firmware, you will only need to try SEUS again once it is fixed.

  46. Hi Ryan

    i am stuck – i loaded from my pc suite older version also tried newer direct from SE – pc suite picks up device M600i but when use SEUS it states USB device not recognised tho Suite finds ok?

  47. I removed all other usb items ie printer – mouse etc but no good – i really want to unbrand Orange s/w – i qork for them but to be honest i wish theyd leave s/w alone!!

  48. Hey dude,

    Hopefully you will read this, anyway i tried this method and upgraded fine. However the camera crashed the phone everytime i went to use it. So long story short i want to put the vodafone fw back on, but didnt make a backup of my gdfs. Do you have a copy of a vodafone gdfs that i could use please? Or is there another way?


  49. Cheers for the reply, yeah i tried reflashing with SEUS, but if i try without xs++ it just errors and wont update. If i use xs++ it just updates and keeps the same world 1 fw.

  50. Thanks so much, i had a few headaches losing the GPRS internet connection info but I found it again eventually and woohoo no more vodafone live. Got to hate the networks sometimes…

  51. I just managed to unlock my P990i yesterday. Next thing is to try debranding. I have seen the 400+ bytes and 300+ bytes method but yet to try it.

    Well, I think that I will be trying this XS++ method tonight. By the way, my phone is locked to Orange UK.

    Yet, I am a bit worried because there are people saying that the phone might get locked again if not done properly. Fingers crossed.

  52. Hi,

    This worked perfect on my P990i branded by Vodafone (Greece).!!! Now is a “new phone”.!!! Bye,bye Vodafone live.!

  53. on w950
    My only branded thing was a supplementary menu in Control Panel, named Orange, and it has some submenus for Orange Romania.

    And it looks like your solution doesn’t get rid of that menu.
    Why is that?

  54. Can i ask something offtopic?
    I want to debrand my W900i and W850i … there is any way to do it for free???

    Pls answer me if you know πŸ™‚

  55. Ryan
    thank you for quick answer. I didn’t know SIM holds that kind of data too.

    On the other hand, can I suggest a tutorial for raising the earphone sound volume for W950? Nothing worked so far. SonyEricsson has great care for our ears :),so great that you can’t hear much from a phone conversation on a noisy street.

    A raise of microphone gain volume would help too. I hate shouting…

  56. Can’t believe I wasted cash on KulanKendi and after no response from them I found your GREAT easy way!

    Worked perfectly with my Orange P990i . . just need to get the network lock removed now πŸ™ Β£20 to Orange . . it’s going to kill me . . . I hate em!

  57. I am trying to debrand an Orange(uk) P990i. When I try to update using seus it gets right to the end and then says it cannot communicate with the phone. Just tried XS and it says
    13:07:12| Error: Cannot open phone communication port

    Any1 got any ideas or am I stuck with Orange?????

  58. I have just debranded my Vodafone(Romania) P990i… I just can’t wait to see it not crashing every two minutes! πŸ˜†

    Everything went smooth, no issues whatsoever…

    Thanks a lot! 8) πŸ˜‰

  59. Reussite totale sur mon P990i bloque orange ! Pas aussi simple qu’indique (ca n’a pas fonctionne avec le 1er script mais nickel avec le 2nd). Ca y est, mon telephone respire !!! MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI MERCI πŸ˜†

  60. Thanks for a great tip!

    Had a Swiss Orange P990i and now I have clean SE P990i!

    Faster, cleaner…works like a charm…but for that long hour of wait my stomach grew an ulcer πŸ™‚

  61. look great for this tutorial!!but, kindly i would like to know, if anything happens to my P1i (bricks) due to wrong procedures.. SE service center can help to re do flashing the Firmware on my phone or the phone can’t use anymore? any prompt reply is appreciated!!

    Sorry for my bad english…

  62. Oh My God! You my friend are an absolute LEGEND! Just flashed my p990 to generic world1. No more Vodafone(NZ) and their restrictive firmware!
    It only took an hour (40mins of that was the SEUS update)
    Many many thanks.:lol:

  63. Hello! I’m in the process of (hopefully) purchasing a p1i. But I was totally bummed when I found out that it doesn’t have flash. (I was so excited about this phone, too, until I found that out). Has anyone used this method for a p1i, and did it work? Also, as I’m not really phone savvy, what exactly does “debranding” the phone do? Will this allow me to use flash on the p1i? I really don’t want this to brick my new phone, so I was hoping that maybe someone had already successfully gotten flash onto their p1i? Thanks a lot!

  64. Jamie m, what do you mean about not having a flash? This P1 review clearly shows the phone having one.

    The debranding / flashing process removes the networks firmware which goes from only changing the startup screens (Vodafone) to having a completely different main menu (Orange). Whilst some of these features aren’t much of a problem, when Sony Ericsson spot a bug and release a new version of the firmware, those with branded phones have to wait for their networks to build their own version, which can takes weeks, if not months, if not at all.

  65. πŸ™‚
    Thanks a lot, been wanting to do this for ages, but waited untill after the warrently ran out (So I didn’t invalidate). Worked Brilliantly and so much quicker.


  66. Just wanted to confirm that it works for the Orange branded w950i. SEUS did not recognise my phone immeditately after the XS++ update, but I took out the battery, restarted SEUS, plugged the phone in for a second time and it worked fine.

  67. Just a question Ryan: I have an italian language m600i to debrand, after your tips I will have always italian language on my phone, or it will be factory default in english?
    Thank you


  68. Marco when you first boot the phone you will be offered a large number of languages to pick from including Italian. You can add extra lanaguages via SIS file found on the Sony Ericsson website if you need them.

  69. hi rick, ryan
    could you please explane what exactly should i do with this SEUS update script you’re reffering to? like many others, i did the bit with running the gw1 script, only to have SEUS telling me that i already have the newest firmware (not able to update)
    THANK YOU!!!!!

  70. please……..anyone?

    ok, i guess i should run this script as shown on the picture……is it a problem that i have at the moment 2 CDAs? should i perform gfds backup first, just in case (if that makes any sense for a phone with 2 CDAs)? what also confuses me is that i’ve read somewhere that when u flash the phone thru xs++, u should remove the battery after max of 5 seconds after the flashing is done (although that sounds a bit too strange to be true)?

    so, what i should do (starting from where i am at the moment) is:
    1) backup gdfs (?)
    2) connect the phone to xs as usual
    3) run this script
    4) unplug the phone
    5) start seus (without turning the phone on in the meantime?) and follow the usual instructions and perform the 2nd update (hopefully it would let me update it now after using this script)
    6) perform the 3rd and final update (again without turning the phone on or anything, right?)

    if someone (especially fg1972) could verify that these are the correct steps (again, starting from where i am at the moment), u would make at least 3 people veeeeryyyy haaapyyy, cause 2 friends of mine also have m600, and are waiting for me to perform successful debrand first before they decide to go for it Smile


  71. Done the backup, by mistake installed newest vodafone software(only 53%)-disconnected, then done the XS then when i switch it on it blinks and goes off !:D!

    PLEASE HELP πŸ˜€ LOL any suggestions i know it was at own risk but anyone ?

  72. πŸ™ Nope, looks like I am the first one not to get it to work.
    Can update it with XS++, but when I try to update it with SEUS it just says “Update not available”…
    Any ideas?

  73. hey there mine didnt work on my m600i i not sure if i did something wrong but it still vodafone and if I do < * >> * > * I have two of everything in software…. PDA software got R6A16 and R4C01…. Phone software got R9F011 R9A002 and the under it says prgCXC162037_CCPU_HE_LL_NI and CDA got R6A13 and R3A03 please help :{

  74. on the last step of debranding my w950 with the sucky orange branding. its downloading the software update now..hope it works… m shit scared!!!

  75. Stayed up until five in the morning researching this to make sure I was doing this correct. I’m now currently downloading the update over my annoying 3 firmware. Thanks Ryan and thanks to the users and commenters.

    May as well leave a few tips for the M600i users.

    First off download this file: files_e…

    Now using XS++ connect to your phone as explained in the instructions. Once connected instead of following step 4 click the GDPS tab under configuration and then open the file from the link. Run this script instead.

    Now follow the other instructions from here and you should be all good πŸ˜€

    Good luck and thanks again

  76. I successfully debranded my p990i but now when I go through the service information menu for my phone and i check the software names, it says bluetooth is unavailable. Why is this? I got the latest update straight from SEUS.

  77. Hi All. I can’t get this to work with M600i.
    Downloaded latest version of XS++ to run on Vista, followed instructions to the letter but Voda crap still on phone.
    Then tried the updated gdfs file but to no avail. SEUS says phone has latest version. Still stuck with Vodafine rubbish on phone. Frustrated to say the least! Any ideas would be very much appreciated, thanks.

  78. Hi . I have M600i T-mobile brand from hungary. I did all the instructions,but even the new method isnt working for me. I try to use Etisalat sim (UAE, Dubai provider)with no hope to work. Anybody can help?

  79. just debranding my w950i now from vodafone, its currently updating software and been stuck on 99% for the last half hour – fingers crossed it works and gets to 100%


  80. It seems this site has been deserted by the owner!?
    Anyway, I tried the above method as per my post on the 10/12 and it did nothing to my phone so, fed up with the Vodafone shite, ended up going to the Davinci Team site and paid for 20 credits (Β£18) and got it flashed using their software.
    If anyone else is having trouble using the method here I heartily recommend stumping up Β£18 to get (effectively) a new phone. UP YOURS VODAFONE!!! STICK YOUR CRAPPY FRIMWARE UP YOUR A**E!!!

  81. hi guys…
    can any1 tell me wats vodafone, orange, o2 etc. coz i liv in UAE so i dunno. btw i wanted g900i or w960i interface for my p990i…Is this software the 1 tat will help me in changing the interface or the whole firmware of p990i into g900i’s…?

  82. umair Vodafone, Orange and o2 are the networks out here in the UK,
    Last time I checked it wasn’t possible to put the OS from one model of a UIQ phone onto another. Just different versions of the P990i onto the P990i.

  83. hi, im i have an english W960i and im trying to change it to chinese firmware. i have tried with XS++ 3.1 but there is no chinese CDA =S can someone help?

  84. I live in South-Africa, our network provider is Vodacom via vodafone and I have been frustrated by the supid logos and slowness of the phone. I just want to say thank you so much for this tutorial it was really easy and straight forward!! It’s great to have a proper phone!!!!
    Thanks mate!!

  85. i’ve bought this phone today at 23 oclock from my friend after few hours of searching – now i’ve flashed it and debranded and i have my language on it:) thanks for info how to do it:)

  86. Damn fine debranding service, Do not use any other!!! Make sure you follow the instructions and use the extra script in post 148/149, Cheers!!! Thankyou!!!

  87. man, pushing C doesnt work, neither does 2+5
    i was desperate, cuz i reflashed many phones with C button.
    if you have this problem, here is the solution:
    use all your fingers to push:
    2+5+7+C and connect usb cable πŸ˜€

  88. Thanks a lot man!! its worked on my orange p990i and yupppyy!!!

    Thanks for making my phone free of that orange crap software :p

    Grt grt instructions dude………………A big thanks from PAKISTAN !!

  89. Hye, i’ve own W960i.. I’ve updated it using SEUS.. Da problem is, it disconnected when 80% done.. Then, i’m turning it on, only black screen and keypad light.. Then, when i try to update it again, SEUS cannot identified it.. What must i do..?? I’ve brick my phone.. Please help me..
    I’ve connected it using XS++, but i’m afraid if i run the script and my phone will dead.. Hope anybody can help me.. THX

  90. @Arif Rahman in theory there is no reason why this shouldn’t work on a G700 as it’s a UIQ3 phone. However as I’ve never had access to one, and not having a UIQ phone for over a year I can’t confirm.
    If you don’t see an alternative CDA for the G700 when you run XS++ then it might not work.

  91. Hi, I would like to use my P990 to read and write chinese. I follow the post from various sources, using XS++ to change my phone to HK cda and use seus to update my phone firmware. However, the seus shows that my phone firmware (HK) is up to date and further firmware update is not possible. Is there anyway I can ‘force’ the seus to update my phone regardless ?!! Need help and thanks.

  92. i am getting this error message
    08:20:46| XS++ v3.1 (Darwin) Ready !
    08:20:46| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP
    08:20:54| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    08:20:54| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    08:21:06| Master Port detected: COM3
    08:21:06| Slave Port detected: COM4
    08:21:06| Opening Port!
    08:21:07| Init Master Failed!
    08:21:40| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    08:21:54| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    08:21:54| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    08:22:10| Master Port detected: COM3
    08:22:10| Slave Port detected: COM4
    08:22:10| Opening Port!
    08:22:10| Init Master Failed!
    08:22:39| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    08:22:43| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    08:22:43| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    08:22:43| Master Port detected: COM3
    08:22:43| Slave Port detected: COM4
    08:22:43| Opening Port!
    08:22:43| Init Master Failed!
    08:22:59| Disconnected… Unplug the phone
    08:23:01| Executing SEMC Smartphone Operations!
    08:23:01| Please hold boot key (‘@’ or ‘C’) and connect device…
    08:23:01| Master Port detected: COM3
    08:23:01| Slave Port detected: COM4
    08:23:02| Opening Port!
    08:23:02| Init Master Failed!
    plz help…….!!!!!!!

  93. Hi all!
    Thanks Ryan for posting this guide, I just debranded my TIM Italy M600i without any problem at all and now is much responsive than before and with an updated software.

  94. Hi Ryan, unfortunately it doesn’t work with my M600i. I always get the following error. Do you have an idea how to rsolve this?

    Many thanks!

    16:45:02| Sending db2001_cid49red_cs_p1e.bin…
    16:45:19| Applet ID: 070405 1245 NPA1_CXC1327363_1_SEMC_CS_LOADER_1_P1E
    16:45:19| This is a CHIPSELECT loader
    16:45:19| Activating loader…
    16:45:19| Activating GDFS…
    16:45:19| This loader is UNLOCKED
    16:45:19| Run GDFS-script…
    16:45:19| GDFS-Script: Error (Couldn’t open outputfile!)
    16:45:19| Smartphone Updated!
    16:45:19| GDFS operation was successful
    16:45:22| Disconnected… Unplug the phone

  95. You’ve probably heard this before, but you ROCK!

    My M600i is now no longer a battery eating 3g-only device but is now useful.

    Took a while to figure out what to do, but it was worth it.

    For others using M600i, follow the path: SE updater; agathosyne script; debranding script; back to SE updater for full reload of firmware.

  96. Hell YEAH!!
    Works perfectly for my P990i branded by Orange (Polish). Easy, simple and what is most important reliable!!


    I could say, you changed my life:)

  97. Thanks a lot.
    Works wonderfully and unbranded my P990i so easily. Now I can even use iSync to synchronize my phone’s calendar & contacts with MacBook.


  98. hello,

    I’m using p1i and i want to flash it , but when i start xs++ 3.2 the app close with the message in red like: “header type unknown damage ” what can i do to solve that problem? my phone is switching on and off repeatedly like in an endless loop. please help me, thank you in advance.

  99. P1i ‘@’ where ? -> Not in the kayboard but on the right of the phone with the photo btn.

    Juste pour preciser la touche @ du P1i Γ  considerer ne se rouve pas dans le clavier mais sur la tranche. Si on prends celui du clavier on a le message ‘init Master Faild’. sur le cotΓ© c’est OK

    Merci pour ce super post.

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