Debrand your P990 / M600 / W950 for FREE

Jan 2008 UpdateA new EASIER way to flash your phone for FREE, which also works for the W960 and the P1.

WARNING: Doing this could brick your phone!
Whilst I have successfully converted a Vodafone M600i into an unbranded Australian, there are several reports of it not working and phone being broken. All actions are taken at your own risk!

Following on from my most sucessful blog post ever, we now have a method to debrand your UIQ3 phone for free.
No more Vodafone or Orange customisation!

However this method is slightly more complicated than using KulanKendiClient, so if you’re not too sure for only €6 KulanKendiClient is still worthwhile.

As per anything which involves changing the phones firmware any action you take on your phone is completely your own choice. If you’re not 100% confident then DON’T do it. I would recommend that you read the comments for opinions from other users before starting.

  1. Perform a back-up of your phone via the PC Suite (or however you prefer)
  2. Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) and update the firmware of your phone. Even if you have the latest firmware DO THIS! You’ll need to Continue anyway and confirm mulitple times.
  3. Download the patch file for your phone from here.
    For the P990 use P990_CDA162007/1_R9F011_Generic_World_1.rar, for the M600 use M600_CDA-162011/ and for the W950 try W950_CDA-162014/1_R9F011_Generic_World_1.rar
  4. Unzip / Unrar these files on to your Desktop (or any temp folder)
  5. Here’s the tricky bit. Open c:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270\ and make a backup of the blob_fs folder.
  6. Now open the blob_fs folder and sort by file size. Right near the bottom you should have a file sized about 353 bytes (if you hover over the 1kb files a tooltip window will give the exact size). Right click this and select Rename, now hold Ctrl and press C (copy).
  7. On your Desktop find the file you unzipped which is about 353 bytes. Right click and select Rename, now hold Ctrl and press V (paste).
  8. Repeat for the file which is about 413 bytes.
  9. Now drag the two files from your Desktop in to the c:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270\blob_fs\ folder, and press Yes to overwriting the files.
  10. Re-flash your phone with SEUS, pressing Yes everytime you are asked “Are you sure?”. This will now rewrite the CDA of your phone.
  11. Turn your phone on, press next through all the setup screens, then pull the battery out.
  12. Now for a final time re-flash your phone again with SEUS. This will now download the Generic firmware for your phone and install it.
  13. Turn your phone back on again and enjoy the debranded menus

M600 Vodafone Startup M600 Vodafone CDA
M600 Vodafone Startup M600 Mixed CDA
M600 Sony Ericsson Startup M600 Generic CDA

Please leave comments below if you get this to work, as I would like to see how well it’s if works. Also if you are having problems please let me know which phone you have and if you leave an email address I can reply to you directly.

206 thoughts on “Debrand your P990 / M600 / W950 for FREE

  1. Thank you so much.
    It really works.
    Got rid of that crap Orange branding.
    The phone works as it was designed.
    Thank god for this site and people who are prepared to post.
    Mick D

  2. Yes… thanks it worked a treat on my t-mobile m600i. But the latest firmware seems to break Java as opera mini no longer can connect to the internet. (you get a error if you try and open the midlet accounts screen and choose the opera mini option)

    But the phone does seem quicker than before.. hopefully for day 2 day use its more stable…

  3. Oh no! Problems! I have an M600i that was originally locked to network 3 in Australia. They unlocked it for me a few months ago, but the handset was still annoyingly branded.

    I followed the instructions here, and it all went OK, except that after flashing the second time and going for the third, SEUS said “Phone not identified! Remove and replace your battery and click “Start Again”. I started again and the update went through, but now the phone says “SIM Invalid” and “Phone Locked”. I tried entering my unlocking code but it only will allow 8 digits. Using > * < < * < *, I found that the firmware is updated to the latest version and CDA is generic, but alas, under "SIM Locks", all four are padlocked, and showing "0" next to the locks. From my basic knowledge of SE network locks, the number is how many tries you have left to enter in your unlock code. So it seems like somewhere in the debranding process, my phone has locked itself - and I think it might be irreparable. I'll try flashing again now - meanwhile, do you have any ideas? Thanks JT

  4. Hi =)

    Great blog – it worked very well on my m600i…

    But i was wondering why one would have to turn on the phone between the 2 updates? Perhaps that is what in some cases bricks the phone because the phone at that point the phone contains software from 2 different “brands”…

    Well just my 50 cents =)


  5. You’re the man.
    It works. I did what Sony Ericsson agent can’t.
    QUESTION. If there’s a new firmware update, do we need to change the CDA again?

  6. josh, still looking for the W950. Let me know if you find them.

    Morten, the instructions I gave are exactly the steps I took with the M600, and mine is working fine. I suggest turning on the phone in the middle as this is what SEUS suggests after the flash.

    Haydendo, I’ve not experienced needing to re-flash my phone so far, however you’ll never know what Sony Ericsson might do in the future.

  7. I hate to burst the bubble a bit here, but I spoke with Sony Ericsson today (obviously not exactly stressing the changing-CDA thing). They looked at the phone and say it’s locked itself forever, which it does when it’s detected tampering with its internal software.

    I have to get my phone swapped under warranty – so while it’s a great thing to debrand, beware that this may have unpredictable results on your M600i, if your phone has previously been unlocked (even by your operator).

  8. thanks ryan, i wonder if you could help me again? its on the other blog, the one explaining the steps with KK. I have tried many forums, all of which are of erring solutions i have already tried. PLease check the other blog comments.

    Thankyou so much

  9. just as an experiment i tried to put the original CDA back.
    i tried this by putting the original blob_fs folder back, and reflashing with SEUS.
    but the generic world would not move.

  10. succes8)
    just replacing the original files did not work, i was able to rinstal the original CDA.
    but wen i flasht the phone for the final time it would always reconvurd to world generic(because there are 12X1kb files where there are normaly 10X1kb files, my english is not good enough to explane like it should be).
    the easyest way to do it is to remove SEUS completle.
    and then restart the proces from the begining.
    exept at step 6 and 8 rename and replace de original files.
    continue the with steps 9 to 13 and it is done.
    there is a way to do it without to remove SEUS, but i found it to complex

  11. Another success story here – thank you for the great walk-through. Debranded my slow, annoying T-Mobile UK M600i into a what feels like a totally different phone! With the latest firmware, disable the transistions in the Control Panel and the phone speeds up considerably (this option was disabled on my branded firmware).

    Another bug I used to have was Contact Ringtones didn’t work (since the phone was so slow, it would start ringing the normal ringtone then a couple of seconds later the name would show up, so it was too late for the contact ringtone to start) – but this is no more! Works perfectly.

    The only tip I can add is after the 2nd flash, delete the c:Program FilesSony EricssonUpdate Servicedb13740270 folder, so the third time you run it, it forces SEUS to download the correct firmware again and you don’t waste 20 mins whilst it writes the old one again!

    Bit of a scary experience, but these comments gave me confidence in the walk-through and it’s all good.


  12. I can now confirm that the Generic world 1 files indeed works on m600i… Ive debranded my own 2 times now, firstly from the branded “3” software to the Generic au and now to the world generec – and i havnt had any problems to talk about… The one thing to keep in mind is to choose the right files in the blob_fs folder – as you will be having 2 (Or more) files at the exact same size (if you have done more than one reflash) – first i picked the wrong pairs wich didnt do anything – so i had to compare the file name with the ones from the orginal “3” software – and then replace the 2 files wich DIDN’T match the orginal “3” software =)

    Hopefully your understand what I mean =)

    Once again thx =)


  13. Just in case anyone is interested: I have de-branded a UK Vodafone P990i using the instructions on this page. The phone was purchased SIM free from a vodafone shop but neverthless came Voda branded which they wouldn’t remove, having followed the instructions on this page it is now running the generic SE software. The only small ‘irritation’ is that the Internet Accounts are still locked, not a real problem since I use a Vodafone SIM anyway, it would just be nice not to have these little lockpads on the accounts. If anyone has any thoughts on that one it would be appreciated.


  14. trying it on an unlocked vodaphone australia.
    i am unable to find any files close to the secified size in my blob_fs folder
    i have: 49b, 525b, 670b and 998b
    any suggestions?

  15. ok, i got it to work, my problem was resolved with reinstalling the SEUS, forcing re-flash, and when i returned the adequate files were in the blob_fs folder. also using andiTails advise on removing the 13740270 folder before the final reflash

  16. Sorry for not replying earlier, just been a bit busy getting married 🙂

    alex, I’ve got some un-tested W950i files. If you (or anyone else) tries them, let us know if they were succesful.

    Morton, cheers for confirming the M600i files. Might give it a try when I can get my hands back on it.

  17. Ryan,
    I tried the W950i files and they debranded it fine! However I’m on crappy UK operator 3, and since I debranded the phone no longer accepts my USIM card so I’m having to flash back,
    I would be grateful for any potential solutions to this problem

  18. Alex, cheers for testing. Not sure why it won’t take the USIM, the ones from Vodafone work fine in the debranded P990i. You may want to try switching the SIMs around with someone else on 3. eg put your SIM in their K800 and their SIM in your W950, then swap back.
    Otherwise no ideas.

  19. Ryan,
    Honestly I’m not sure. The phone is not unlcoked, because when I insert other SIMs it tells me no SIM is inserted. Could it be that when the phone sends my SIM number and IMEI to the tower it also sends my CDA, which they are picking up as not being 3 branded?
    Unfortunately I ‘lost’ my original SEUS files for the branded software CDA (just those two files) so I’ve been forced to buy KulanKendi credit to change it back. I also had to go to a 3 Store and ask for a demo on their branded W950i to copy their CDA number. I’m currently on SEUS and I’ll let you and everyone know what happens.

  20. It’s works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are incredible!!i just love you men!lol
    Just don’t forget the files are not in kbytes but in bytes.
    And close the SEUS between the First second and third update.
    For me the second update don’t go to the end so i begin an other time.

  21. Thanks for sharing this.

    I have debranded my M600i from a Danish 3-branding to generic world.

    It worked flawlessly except that identifying the proper files in the blob_fs by filesize was not feasible. I basically had to compare filenames, that is I chose two files that had identical leading ciphers in the four number sequences in the filename, then replaced the larger of them with the larger of (and the smaller with the smaller of) the two downloaded files although the filesize was different .

    Maybe I am smart or just lucky; but it worked 🙂

  22. Ryan,
    I wouldn’t be so sure about those W950 files anymore. I think they’ve done something to my GDFS, completely blocking my phone, as re-branding to my original 3 operator firmware has had no effect. I’m going to have to go to a service centre unless you know of a way to reset my GDFS?

  23. Yay! It worked for my P990i. I had the Singapore Generic version and now have the World 1 Generic Version, complete with the latest FW R6! Thanks to all who contributed to this process and made it possible!

  24. I tried updateing FW with SEUS but it says thet FW is actual and I dont have a button for update only “go back on START”, and there are only 49b, 525b, 670b and 998b files in folder blob_fs. What am I doing wrong? It is T-mobile(germani , I think) branded.

  25. What a brilliant, easy to follow set of instructions. Thank god I’ve got rid of the Vodafone software. I had absolutely no probs de-branding my M600i using your info. Can’t thank you enough, G.

  26. I should probably have read these comments before trying to debrand my w950i. I’m on 3 in the UK, and I am getting the Invalid SIM error now.
    Could someone tell me how to flash the 3 branded software back onto my phone?
    And will it work then, or am I stuck?

  27. Just debranded my P990i from Vodafone, totally worth all the stress… for more detailed info, read below…

    After some serious thought, I decided to give this a go… if it worked for some, why shouldn’t it work for me…
    well… :o( I did the first few steps and it seemed to be working okay. Then on the final update, it just said that it failed and to restart. When I tried to restart the update, it would not identify my phone. 🙁 And did I panic or what!!
    I tried to see if my phone was okay, but when I turned it on, it said insert sim card. Checked the sim card was inserted, it was. Same problem. Tried another sim card, same problem.

    So, I am at about heart attack stage by now! Thought maybe I could reflash it by reinstalling the original SEUS software… now the software wouldnt install and run on my computer, even after removing it. I installed it to a new directory and yes, it worked. This time, it identified my phone… and started the update again… at 99% update failed and I was told to restart the update! Thought maybe I would just try and use my phone anyway — and what do you know, it worked!!

    Now I am wondering if I should try the update again, or just be satisfied with a really much better working, much faster phone without all that vodaphone rubbish!!!

    THANK YOU for this post! And to anyone having trouble, don’t give up!

  28. Hi i have debranded w950i from orange
    Can anybody help me debrand my brothers W900i
    It should be is also possible with the SEUS i just needs those W900i Generic World files for SEUS
    Please help me
    [email protected]

  29. 🙂 Yes it worked!! Took a while for my tired old mind to understand the instructions, but this is just great. Anyone know how to remove the nasty badge or rub out the provider logo?

  30. i have the files to downgrade to R5 CDA55.
    ive downgraded back to my original CDA, because i dident like the last generic update(space button bug is one of the reasons)

  31. Hi Ryan, first of all, good blog, especially this post. I need to know something. Im using p990i orange edition, i have updated the fware last time. Phone : CXC162037 R9EC001. and the nearest file size is 355bytes and 428 bytes. is this the file??should i downgrade my fw?

  32. I tried updateing FW with SEUS but it says thet FW is actual and I dont have a button for update only “go back on START”, and there are only 49b, 525b, 670b and 998b files in folder blob_fs. What am I doing wrong? It is W950i.

  33. Bink, you have the latest ORANGE firmware, there is newer Sony Ericsson version which doesn’t have any of the rubbish Orange customisations. I would change it if I had your phone, and the files sound like you’ve found the right ones.

    Ogyy, as I don’t have a W950 I haven’t tried the hack, you could try looking for the two files which have the most similar name.

  34. Dear friends
    I have a SE P990i
    I patched my phone according to you. I performed following steps:
    1- I updated my phone using SEUS
    2- I replaced 2 files with yours and updated again. but because of connection problems the update service didn’t download anything from SE and just rewrote the blob_fs files (with 2 new files).
    when I turned the phone on it requested lock code and after that it showed me “insert correct sim” massage.using hidden menues I saw that the phone has 2 CDA’s but there wasn’t any version number for bluetooth!
    3- Since I couldn’t do anything else, I tried to update it for 3rd time. It showed “Generic World I” and strated to download from SE. after updating I turned it on and it started setup wizard. It seemed that the generic firmware has been installed on it (because there was many languages at the begining). but it didnot recognize sim card again and showed: “insert correct sim”. also bluetooth software version is not available.

    now i cannot use my phone. please help me!

  35. I managed to get original SE softvare in mobile shop service insted of Tmobile, now I have writen like in phone status:
    Phone:CXC162037 R9C001
    BT:CXC 162058 R3A01
    ORG:CXC 162088 R6A16
    CDA: CDA 162017/31 R1A04
    CDA 162014/1 R6A13

    The softvare is World Gen 1 and it is not latest, but SEUSe is still saying thet I have latest sofver?!? and I still cant update phone.

    btw Phone now work without any problems, no locks, freezs etc…8)

  36. Sweet. Worked a treat for an Australian Vodafone M600i. I used the Australian files. What is the difference between this one and the World one? Anyway, thanks for the post mate 🙂

  37. Worked for P990i, Slovenia Mobitel.
    One thing: when launch 3rd time SEUS for reflashing I got error about not being able to identify my phone. I closed SEUS and launched again – and it worked.

    Thanks for the tip.

  38. One more comment: in case you have several files with needed size – uninstall SEUS and install it again (or delete the SEUS folder and install it again).
    After first reflashing you will have just one pair of files with needed sizes.

  39. welcome

    U are so Big! it works on p990i hungaria Tmobile.
    and : here some guys ask 40 EUR for Debranding…Now they will sucks, i will tell for everybody, it is a working and free method.

    thanx again! bye from hungray

  40. @ topdog: i’m having the same problem. The sizes I have for the last three, from smallest to largest are: 49 bytes, 525 bytes and then 670 bytes.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  41. flowergrl , i got the same too , ive tried with the 2 files between 525- 670 but still no success, correct me if im wrong , have replaced the 2 files with the generic world and have renamed it . after update there is only 1 cda . mine is p990i vodafone branded .

    any your side 🙂

  42. hello what is the exact file i have to replace for a p990i vodafone . i nearly had a heart attack with it after 2 hours trying this process . can somebody please explain this process again in details about the blob_fs and the generic .


  43. please can some1 help me? i have an m600i on vodaphone and would really like to debrand but cant do it . when i use seus it tells me no upgrade available lastest version already on phone, so how do i flash multiple times? and i also have 2 different CDA lines when i look at the status on phone. plz help me

  44. hello do i have to replace both file form blob_fs folder with the same generic world but using the same name of the byte file , can someone please confirm that stage for me /

    p990i voda uk

    actual cda: 162008/91 R6A02

    is that normal the genirc world format is rar but after download its not in rar format .? and its 1 file only .

    please help me before i turn it into a brick .


  45. Hi, I just purchased an Orange unlocked phone from ebay. I dont know fromwhich Orange network this phone comes from.
    The CDA number is CDA162008/16 R3A02. Would somebody tell me whether I can safely debrand the phone even if it is already unlocked by somebody else.

  46. Im in the process of debranding Orange UK P990i (CDA CDA162008/16) which has been unlocked with a code (from Orange) – I will tell you the results … PS: tell me to stop if i shouldnt do this

  47. Hey Ali great to know the results. But in my case I did not unlock the phone myself. Neither did I recieve a code from Orange. So I am still worried about trying the debranding process. Did you find the prcess tough.

  48. I just tried it with my Irish Vodafone P990i.
    It failed.

    Initially I had a problem identifying wich files to replace, as there was two files with aproximately 415 bytes, one was 440 and one 445. I chose the larger file, perhaps this was a mistake, I do not know.

    Also I did open the files as text files to look at them, and I chose based on simlarity on caracters in the files.

    the smaller file had mostly squares in it, the larger files a string of carachters so I replaced files acordingly.

    another thing I may have done wrong, perhaps, was that after the second flash rather than just removing the battery after power up, I went through the motions of selecting laungage and putting my pin code into the phone.

    here is the strange part, I had removed any phone locks and SIM locks beforeI started. but after the flash it still asked me for Device lock, so I put in my old number for device lock. it then said, wrong SIM.

    The phone is not SIM unlocked, but I have requested the unlock code from my operator, still, I do not beleive I can unlock the phone now that I can not log into it.

    I tried to reflaash the phone back again, but as I do not have the two files to do this, I can not.

    I’m at a bit of a loss, If I can not resolve it, I probably have to go back to Vodsafone and ask for a waranty reapair.

    Any sugestions, please let me know.

    Regards, Olaf.

  49. hi guys, just bought a vodafone branded m600i and its very annoying! After googling i found this post, and its very informing, and after reading all this succesfull comment i desided to do it myself! But i have a problem, after the first flash, wich is over-writing the same firmware, the >1kb files, are not the same filesize that is stated in the post, but somewhere very close… So i was wondering, if i try, and pick the wrong files, is there a possibility to brick my phone completely, or a second re-flash with the back-up firmware will fix this? or if i cant do anything after the failed attempt, can sony ericsson service fix the problem or the phone is completely ruined? PLZ answer me this, and if there the proccess is fixable, even in a low rate, i will go for it! Thank you anyways for the graet post btw! 😉

  50. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
    After hesitating for almost 3 mins, i desided to finally go for it, cause the 3mins use of vodafone menu was a torture!!! So after the first and second update, i had the mixed CDA, as i was supposed to, and during the third update the update option changed to GENERIC WORLD 1!!! So as you can tell i am VERY VERY HAPPY:):):):):):) Finally downloading as i type this the generic update, and in few minutes i will have the desired firmware! I recommend using the tip told by a previous poster, to delete the folder after the second update so the SEUS redownloads the latest firmware just to be sure!!!
    Thanks For this Awesome guide, really just what i needed!!!
    A HUGEThank you to Ryan, and a smaller thank you to AndiTails for his useful suggestion/tip:):):):):):):):)
    I recommend to everyone!!!

  51. Dear Friends

    I followed your instructions and bricked my phone. Please help me to recover it.

    Current status of my phone is as follows:

    Region/Provider: Generic World 1
    CDA version: 162007/1 R6D23
    Phone version: CXC162037 R9G007
    Bluetooth version: Not available!
    Organizer version: CXC162036 R6D23

    Error message: “Invalid SIM”,”Insert Correct SIM”.

    Taken actions:
    I Rebranded with SEUS. Error appeared after second update and remained intact after third update.
    Then I got it reflashed by service center. They also replaced SIM reader IC flash hardware but error still remains and phone is useless.

    Please let me know about repairing options and help me to make it useable.

  52. I still can’t get it to work. Do you think it matters that I am using a newer version of SEUS? It says that there are no updates available for my phone. I have tried to force update, well I think I have. The only way I can find to actually do a force update is to delete the files downloaded for that day in the folder you are swapping the files over in and try again.

    Either way I’m stuck with a CDA for HK when I want a world Generic One.. any hints?

  53. :):)Just debranded my Aussie m600i using the generic australia files with no problems!! Thank god that Vodafone shite is gone and I now have a decent phone!! you rock !!8)

  54. A nerve wracking hour long process certainly (especially the long long first boot up after upgrade) but got through it and now have a P990i de-branded from Orange UK. It never ceases to amaze me how the internet and sites like this come up with these solutions to every problem – big respect. Now got Fring working ( which relys on the latest frimware to function. Superb!8)

  55. Ogyy,
    I am afraid for doing the debrand for my W950i locked with orange because of the file sizes as you mentioned .. do you got any info regarding that..if so please share it..

  56. Ryan,
    First – Thanks For your effect.. I tried it, it worked for me..
    I got my W950i debranded, but its there any other way to unlock my phone , like anykind of code generator like the one for Nokia (Nokia Dct4 online Calculator).
    Please let me know..
    With regards

  57. Thank you, works 100% on W950i Orange UK. The final boot-up was quite lengthy and had me a bit nervous though!

    The file sizes in the blob_fs folder that I used were 359b and 453b

  58. Ditto ChrisB’s comment: Orange UK removed from P990i and all working very nicely. Thanks I owe you one!!

    (I waited a couple of days before posting this to see if it’s stayed stable and all running like a dream, thanks again)

  59. Worked as expected on a P990.

    I also checked also binary headers as suggested on another post but It was confusing because my first file (350b)
    did not have exactly the same binary header.
    I was E3 4C 88 75 FB 5E CC C0 FD 57 70 21
    instead of E3 4C 88 75 FB 5E CC C0 FD 57 70 20
    The second one (410 b) has this header
    E3 4C 88 75 FB 5E CC C0 FD 57 08
    Thanks for your tutorial ..

  60. Just flashed a Vodafone W950I and all works ok. The 1st boot with the new firmware took ages (I guess it was installing the software or summing).

    Even better. I had software on the 4gb memory and when it kicked off it installed it (rather it asked me if I wanted to install it 🙂 )

    All looking good now 🙂

  61. So does this method work for W950i Orange Branded?
    Will it remove the orange branded stuff and will it unlock it onto any network?
    Can you then put any sim into it?

  62. Why put the process up, a month, and then forget to host the firmwares we so desperately need to use with your FAQ?

    Where can I download the W950 firmware, your link has a 1kb index file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I bought a W950i from HK which has English menus etc. but chinese characters too so have been looking for something like this to an English vers and looks like W950I Generic World is the solution. I did as your instructions suggested but can’t find the sized files you are referring too, the smallest is 49bytes and the next sizes up are 525b and 670b – are these the ones to replace? Thanks

  64. I also have problem with my W950. It wont update my software on phone over the sonyericsson update service. It says that I have already the latest software on my W950 and I cant go further that that. Also like Nick sad I have I have 3 small files one is 49b , second is 525b and third one is 670b. Is there anything I can do?

  65. 🙂 the process worked like a charm the 1st time
    had orange branding which made the phone well slow
    cant believe how much faster the phone is now
    thanx again for the guide

  66. :o( I bricked my phone… I am with 3 Australia and when I restarted it was debranded but now it says to enter the code for the phone lock, and enter the code for the sim.

    hmmm… granted the phone was pretty much a brick to start with.

  67. 🙂 Used this set of instructions on my Orange-Branded UK P990 and it works fine. Only glitch was on third update when phone was not recognised, but reseating in cradle soon sorted that out. Thanks for a great post……FANTASTC 🙂

  68. Sucessfully unbranded (3 sweden), but the phone seems locked.

    Managed to rebrand to 3 again, but the phone remained locked.

    Unbranded it again, any way to unlock it? can it be done normally in a store, a code, or some easy to follow precedure i can do myself?

  69. Had a P990i branded Vodafone with simlock and it worked. Branding is gone and the latest firmware is on it…Only issue would be that I can still only use Vodafone sims, but that doesn’t bother me. Thanks a lot for the guide. 🙂

  70. Hello to all of you,
    I have a question,
    I updated the software 1st time and I have files with 320, 342, 360, 417 and 420 bytes, which two should I use?
    The numbers are to close 🙁

  71. 🙁 I’ve tried to debrand my Vodafone P990 using the KulanKendiClient method and I’m confused – I’ve got the 2 CDA’s on my phone then i formatted the internal disc as per the instructions but when i tried to do an update it just keeps saying that there’s none availiable, my mates did his fine using this method and he’s with orange. My phones working ok apart from a few bugs, but I cannot get the generic world firmware- Any suggestions welcome

  72. Just finished debranding my p990 (orange).
    debranding went without a glitch .
    the phone is working like a dream……..
    thanks .
    although i couldnt find the p990 rar file at the link so i had to search it on google

  73. i think i’ve killed my 3(australia) branded m600i. i’ve followed the methods as suggested. but now everytime i boot im greeted with enter pin screen. does anyone know how i can fix it? 🙁

  74. Same problem here, I had a Dutch debranded/unlocked phone to start with but now it seems the phone has locked itself.

    I had a look at the service menu and there are all locks there followed by a 0. According to another post the phone probably detected tampering with the software and locked itself.

    So much for that idea… I guess I have to go back to the store so they can send it in. Or I can attach a brick to it and toss it through a window at SE…. tempting….


  75. Thankyou for this. Just debranded my Vodafone UK M600i and it’s like having a completely different phone. Much more responsive than before.

    This has now restored my faith in Sony Ericsson phones.

  76. Great work guys!!

    Zapped my UK Vodafone P990i (which was the WORST phone I ever owned ever in 10 years) and now it is the best. Never crashes and have banished vodafone’s turdware from my phone


  77. Worked for me, on a W950i on 3 (Australia). I kept the SIM out of the phone for the entire process. The files I replaced were 399 and 483 bytes respectively.

    Now I just have to find my network settings, but the phone is running sweet (though I never knew how ugly the default W950i theme is!)

  78. Hi can somebody please help me i did exactly as instructed but nothing happen. On the instruction no 7 it says to rename 413 bytes and and overwrite over the c:Program FilesSony EricssonUpdate Servicedb13740270blob_fs folder, same said on instruction 8 but I cant find the same size folder on the c:Program FilesSony EricssonUpdate Servicedb13740270blob_fs folder, my phone is p990i unlocked on orange please help thanks

  79. THANK YOU ALL, MAY ALLAH BLEASS YOU ALL, FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT I am sorry I said it is not working on my previous massage BUT I only flush it once and assumed not working but after flushing it second time I realised it worked , I am amateur if I could do it anybody can, keep up the good work. SEp990 i was on orange uk, just rename and replace the nearest butes file acording to instruction 7/8

  80. Confirmed working for Australian Vodafone branded $137 ebay phone ! .. Wow… what crap the phone was with the Vodafone Casion Royale theme… Thank you Ryan. Big props to you. BTW, i used the Australian f/w files.

  81. 10 points & A gold star to whoever wrote that walkthrough seeing as my jar of penny’s is still intacted yet my P990i is lookin’ less….Orangey… and a tad quicker! Cheers! 🙂

  82. Just Thought i’d add a lil info for other ppls reference

    Sony Ericsson P990i (Unlocked)

    The file sizes are as follows:

    Originals (Orange Branding):
    355Bytes & 428Bytes

    Replacements (Generic World 1):
    350Bytes & 423Bytes files

    Little note: after reflashing with the two replaced files I found it easiest to uninstall SEUS, check the directory was completely empty then reinstall it to download the latest unbranded firmware – This is my experience so it may not be the same for others but if you hit a brick wall it worked for me!

    Nice work Ryan! (I looked up ur name this time 😉 )

  83. Good gracious!

    Thank you very much. I successfully debranded my P990i from Orange U.K. by following the instructions here.

    Regards to all of you people!

  84. Hi all,

    I need Help : impossible to find the files mentionned…I’have only 49, 525 & 670 bytes files …
    my phone : P990i-Orange-Fr & Update_Service-v2.7.9.14-1

    Thanks for your help

  85. [have the files to downgrade to R5 CDA55.
    ive downgraded back to my original CDA, because i dident like the last generic update(space button bug is one of the reasons)]

    Jim can you post or send me the files to downgrade my firmware and the procedure (if at all it is different from debranding). Thankx

  86. hey guys ,, i need some help …. i tried to update the firmware of sony ericsson w950i n when it was abt 93% it got failed …. then whenever i retry it says indentification failed, disconnect your phone and press back start again …. so can anyone help me with this …. this is my email : [email protected],,,, Thank You!!!!

  87. First!
    Many thanks for the service!
    But do you have any idea if I have cda 162008/22 R7A01? The update says have the lates version! This organfe crap make me sick! the phone is complety bugged and I want to get rid of this branding stuff! Thanks for ur help.

  88. Hi all,

    I need Help because is impossible to find the files mentionned…I’have only 49, 525 & 670 bytes files …
    my phone is a Spain Vodafone and the SEUS version is v2.7.9.14-1

    What can I do?
    Thanks for your help

  89. hello
    i have a w950i from singapor
    have english & chinise lang
    this ref :
    phone CXC 16037 R9G007
    BLUETOOCH CXC 162058 R3A01
    ORGANIZER CXC 162103 R6D22
    CDA 162014/8 R6D22
    it possible…if yes you can tell me please
    thank you

  90. Does this method still work on an M600i?

    Mine is unlocked but vodafone branded, really want it debranded but read that some have been bricked on the other method, any/many bricked on this method?

    The phone is UK btw.

  91. 🙁 Hi, i have flashed the phone but when i try and unstall latest firmware through SEUS it says i have the latest software! is there any way i can get the new firmware on my phone without going through SEUS? i have tried some other servers but they do not have the M600i ones, cheers chris

  92. Has anyone worked out a way to do this if we have already updated our firmware? Before I updated my phone using XS++ the SEUS said I could ‘Coninue Anyway’ with a firmware update even though I already had the latest. When I ran XS++, SEUS did not give the option to ‘Continue Anyway’. Anyone know how to force an update on SEUS?

  93. phone.cxc162037 r9c001
    bluetooth.cxc 162058 r3a01
    organizer 162088 r1b01
    cda..cda 162017/2 r1a21

    my w950i is from ornage and i m fed up from the left side bar menu on my main screen…i want to remove this shit how can i do that to update my firmware ???my phone is from uk orange and m useing in pakistan i unlocked from here… plz help brotherz sorry for my bad english:(

  94. hello brotherz i want to debrand my w950i ..
    but i cant find the filez which are 353byts and 413 in blob_fs
    there are 49byts 525byts 670byts files in blob_fs wat should i me plz brotherz..sorry 4 bad english:(

  95. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..
    its works Ryan you are great man thanx so much..
    thanx for such a great post…
    i was afaird that may be i ll lose my mobi but i take the risk and m enjoying debrand menu..
    m enjoying the new look of my w950i..
    guyz just do it realy works..

  96. you know brother i was talking abut the file size in blob_fs floder in my first post but when i upgrade my fireware and after that i opend blob_fs folder and i found those correct size file..this is the thing some people dont understand..sorry for bad english
    thanx again…you rocks.

  97. Another success story here – M600 UK Vodafone, debranded to Oz generic. Very pleased – I followed the steps exactly and not a problem at all!

    Thank you

  98. Guys i have unbranded the P990 Range Firmware, It Works 100% Wow… I would suggest also to unistall SEUS for second updaate but 1 thing also if you will change HDd drive to D: or somewhere else second time, as i got problem 2 times by installing again on C: drive.
    Bye Bye Orange, i hate you.:o(

  99. hey i’m getting stuck at the middle stage where my phone has got 2 CDA versions.. when i try to run the SEUS for the final time it says that ‘update not available’.
    FYI I completely removed SEUS after second flash and reinstalled it in another directory.
    i’m on M600i vodafone UK unlocked.
    what would happen if I format internal disk now? will it install the lgeneric firmware ?or revert to the vodafone crap one?

  100. Hooray!!!
    another success story.. debranded my M600i .I was stuck till some time back with 2 CDAs and SEUS wont let me update anymore.. so I downloaded the XS++ and the XS++ script for M600i from your latest post and changed the GDFS. Then the SEUS worked perfectly fine and I’ve bid goodbye to vodafone !!
    cheers Ryan.. thanks for this fabulous post !!
    god bless!

  101. Hooray!!!
    another success story.. debranded my M600i .I was stuck till some time back with 2 CDAs and SEUS wont let me update anymore.. so I downloaded the XS++ and the XS++ script for M600i from your latest post and changed the GDFS. Then the SEUS worked perfectly fine and I’ve bid goodbye to vodafone !!
    cheers Ryan.. thanks for this fabulous post !!
    god bless!

  102. Hi all

    I,m one of the many experiencing problems with debranding my m600. having the same problem like nik did, but obviously not so skillful with xs++ 🙂
    SEUS didn’t let me perform the 2nd update, and at the moment i have 2 CDAs (162011/1 R6A13 & 162016/1 R8A01)……nik (or any other good soul :)), could you please xplane what exactly you did? what script did u download (from where), how did u run it, and also should i backup anything just in case (not sure if that’s possible for me cause i have 2 CDAs on my phone); what confuses me also is that i read somewhere that it’s very important to take out the battery max 5 seconds after xs flashing?!
    If someone could provide help he would make at least 3 ppl veeeeery happy, since 2 of my friends also have m600 (but i was the only one brave (or crazy :)) enough to perform debranding………THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND RESPECT TO ALL INDEPENDENT PROBLEMSOLVERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Hi filip :),
    follow the following steps and i think you should do fine..
    (ofcourse your battrey should be charged and all..) XS++ from the link:
    2.uninstall and install SEUS in a different folder.
    3.Pullout and reinsert phone battery and start XS++, click on the “SMARTPHONE CONNECT” box, and press “Connect”.
    4.Once your phone is connected and status is OK.. just select the “GDFS” option radiobutton.(we only have to worry abt this one)
    5.**very important* – backup your GDFS. There is an option in XS++ which will allow you to do that.
    6.Since SEUS wont normally let you update we have to force it to update. Download the force GDFS update from this link:
    7.there is a “GDFS Script” option . Locate the .gdfs file you downloaded in step 6 and click Run Script.
    8.This will just update your phones GDFS.
    9.Now close XS++ and unplug phone.
    10.Pullout and reinsert battery and start the SEUS update.
    11.This will now force the SEUS to update the firmware on the M600i.

    I have debranded my Vodafone (UK) M600i and its working perfectly fine..
    Good luck !;)

  104. hi nik
    finally decided to give it a shot and it worked like a charm 😆 !!!
    did everything exactly as you explained and there were no problems at all!!! thanks again!!!
    i will post a link to this page for some other people experiencing the same problem as i did
    oh, and btw, the phone is clearly much more responsive now, with no side effects whatsoever
    also, thank you to swmail for coming up with the script!!!

  105. :o(
    I followed all the steps to download the .rar file and unzip it, got all that but after loading the generic world software the phone boots up and then tells me to insert a SIM card. I can put in any SIM card I find but it will not recognise that there is a SIM card in the phone.
    My phone was Orange UK and I am in South Africa

  106. I have a m600i that wont be recognized by SEUS, xs++, or kulan kendi. There are no locks on, no visible branding anywhere. SEUS ignores it (though the pc suite will let me back it up), xs++ gives the error message “Init Master Failed!”,
    kulan kendi gives the error message “Bypass!>REQ”. The phone’s current cda is 162016/26 R5A01. I know I have the current drivers and software, they are functioning, and I have successfully changed the cda on another m600i. The phone is initially recognized, but then fails. I have tried every button combination known and reformatted the internal memory. Is there any point in overwriting the blob files if the phone isnt recognized? Many thanks for your efforts.

  107. hi all,
    i have got my brother in laws old vodafone sony w950i and have managed to retrieve the unlocking code for sim from vodafone but i need it debranding to actually appreciate the phone.
    any help would be most welcome.
    ps – i am a mac user, not a windows – if that makes any difference??

  108. ive tryed this way and the other way.
    when i do it this way nothing happens.
    i start up the phone and its as if i havent done anything.
    when i do it the other way i turn on my phone and all thats happened is as if ive done a master reset.
    please help!

    vodafone is really crap.

  109. Many thanks to Ryan for this howto 🙂

    Only a small change is required for the latest SEUS…

    Using SEUS –

    Between Step 11 and Step 12 delete the
    c:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270 directory.

    This forces the download of the generic software from SE.

  110. pls help me with my phone my p990i, i updating my phone and my phone is the same firmware but when im turning my phone on, my screen is appearing black, no letters no icon, how will i repair my phone pls help me thanks i will wait for your answer

  111. hey .. i have a problem when i moove the tiny files in blob_fs folder the SEUS don’t recognize my phone. i have an Vodafone Branded P990i . can you help me anyone ? if the blob_fs folder isn’t change , the update process goes well.

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