Those top 5 posts

Copying Stephen and Will here are the top 5 posts of the year:

5: The News Quiz – a post about my shop appearing on said radio programme (426)
4: Torchwood on CBBC – the screenshot of the BBC mistake (533)
3: TV on your P990i (Xvid / DivX / MP4 / AVI / MPEG / 3GP) – might be something to do with the clever Google Bomb title, might be due to the lack of other instructions (851)
2: TomTom Navigator 6 on a P990i – quite popular as TomTom still don’t officially support it on the P990 (907)
1: News Of the World – A post about Mark Oaten without mentioning Mark Oaten! (1095)

However all these posts (combined) still lost out to the most popular post of the blog Major ’24’ spoilers revealed (which is now 2 years old) with over 8000 hits.

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