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One line weather summary

Home ScreenThe following is the relevant code to get Tasker, AutoLocation, Zooper and to display the one line weather summary on your phone.

It’s possible to not need AutoLocation and use the Tasker lat/lng but I was after testing the application, and you could use a different widget tool like Minimalistic Text, or even just a notification in the status bar.

Step 1:
Sign up to the API at
You don’t need to provide card details as the you get 1000 calls per day, and you shouldn’t get close to using them all (my peak is only 84 calls). At worst it would just stop working for the rest of the day.
Make a note of your API key.

Step 2:
Build this profile in Tasker (note you need your API key from step 1 as !!!!YOURAPIKEY!!!!)

Profile: Update Weather Text (46)
State: AutoLocation Location [ Configuration:Location Report Name: Weather ]
Enter: Weather V2 (28)
A1: Flash [ Text:Getting weather Long:Off ] 
A2: HTTP Get [ Server:Port: Path:forecast/!!!!YOURAPIKEY!!!!/%allatitude,%allongitude Attributes:units=uk Cookies: Timeout:10 Mime Type: Output File: Trust Any Certificate:Off ] 
A3: If [ %HTTPR = 200 ]
A4: JavaScriptlet [ Code:var info = JSON.parse(global("HTTPD"));
setGlobal("FORESUM", info.minutely.summary); Libraries: Auto Exit:On Timeout (Seconds):45 ] 
A5: Zooper Widget Pro Variable [ Configuration:#TWEATHERTEXT# = %TIME %FORESUM Package:org.zooper.zwpro Name:Zooper Widget Pro Variable Timeout (Seconds):0 ] 
A6: End If 
A7: AutoLocation Location [ Configuration:Stopping Location Monitor
Location Report Name: Weather
Update Type: No Power Package:com.joaomgcd.autolocation Name:AutoLocation Location Timeout (Seconds):0 ]

Step 3:
Build this profile in Tasker

Profile: Display Unlocked (61)
Event: Display Unlocked
Enter: Get Location For Weather (62)
A1: AutoLocation Location [ Configuration:Starting Location Monitor
Location Report Name: Weather
Update Type: Balanced Package:com.joaomgcd.autolocation Name:AutoLocation Location Timeout (Seconds):0 ]

Step 4:
Have a Zooper widget which has a text field with the content #TWEATHERTEXT#

Step 5:
Turn your phone off, wait a few seconds, then turn back on and unlock.
If the call is working you should first see a toast with “Getting Weather”, followed by the one line text.
You can remove these once you are happy everything is working, they are both in Weather V2, the first is at the top, the second is within the Javascriptlet, just delete flash(info.minutely.summary);

Tasker, Zooper and my TP-Link M5350

TP Link M5350I mentioned before that I have a MiFi device. It’s a TP-Link M5350. It’s light, portable and easy to use. However one thing I noticed was getting the battery level.
It has an OLED display, which shows the signal bars, number of connected devices, if WiFi is running, the network you are on, the up and down speeds, the current usage and a battery icon.
From quick tests it would always show empty to full animation when on charge and it only had around 4 icons for normal usage.
But what I wanted to know was a percentage level for the device.

Logging in to the web-gui for the router you get more icons along the top, however a title element on the battery shows the current level of charge. Although getting this number to appear on my phone was going to be tricky.
MiFi Homepage

So I wondered if I could get my devices to make a HTTP request to the device, get past the security, find the relevant code and output that in a clear way.
Continue reading Tasker, Zooper and my TP-Link M5350

Broken Twitter Tools

Do you use Twitter Tools on your blog to autopost your new posts, or to show a daily record of all your tweets?
Did is suddenly stop working yesterday?
Unfortunately twitter removed the end points which the plugin spoke to. They did announce this would be happening over a year ago, and have since even released a new version of their API.
Whilst you are waiting for an official fix, you can make this small change to the plugin code to sort it now.

In WordPress admin go to Plugins, Editor, select Twitter Tools from the drop down.
In the code box find

define('AKTT_API_POST_STATUS', '');
define('AKTT_API_STATUS_SHOW', '');

and replace with

define('AKTT_API_POST_STATUS', '');
define('AKTT_API_STATUS_SHOW', '');

Then hit the Update File button.

PayPal and Joint Bank Accounts

I’ve been with PayPal for years, today I tried to withdraw £50 and realised that I still had my old bank details on it, so I went to add my new account details.
Except PayPal told me that I couldn’t as another PayPal account was already linked to this bank account. That would be my Wife as we have a joint account.
So I searched a bit to see if there was anyway both of us could use our only bank account. The answer NOPE. A bank account can only ever be linked to one PayPal account.
So maybe we could just have a joint PayPal account, NOPE. One user only per account and if you share passwords you could have your account suspended and money frozen.

So for now I’m left with the ability to top-up my PayPal account via the debit card, and to transfer money out I have to first send it to Heather and get her to remove it. All in all a right pain in the arse.

The Tory married tax plans

So it turns out the Tory bribe to those married isn’t really worth much at all.
To start with it’s only worth at the most £150 a year. With the average cost of a wedding around £20,000, it would take 133 years to get your money back.
Secondly it is only available as a tax-break transfer. So if someone in the relationship is earning less than £6,475 you could transfer £750 of your tax allowance to your partner, both earning more than this and it’s pointless.
Thirdly the person receiving the transfer must be earning less than £44,000 a year.

However the greedy nature of me went, at least I’m going to get the cash. That was until I got out the calculator. Currently the wife is getting statutory maternity pay which means that even we won’t get this bribe.

Of course under equality law this tax break is also available to couples in a civil partnership, but really, how many are in the situation where one is earning less than £6,475 a year, whilst their partner is on less that £44,000??

I think I prefer the LibDem proposal to lift the basic rate of tax up to £10,000 instead of this Tory fudge.

Donut Flavoured Skips?

An argument in our office this week broke out. Simon claimed that he once had Doughnut Flavoured Skips. The whole team really didn’t believe him. Google searches found a couple of people claiming to remember them but nothing concrete. So I emailed United Biscuits (owners of KP) and got back this reply:

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for contacting us concerning Donut flavoured KP Skips. We can confirm that we did produce these and that they were discontinued quite a few years ago and are unlikely to be manufactured again.

Before any product reaches the shelves, extensive and costly product development and research is undertaken. Only a small percentage of new product concepts reach the retail outlet and even then, products may easily fail to gain the necessary appeal. Sadly, therefore, some products are removed from sale after only a seemingly short time.

However, a longer manufactured product may also be discontinued due to a falling off of popularity, resulting in it no longer being a viable product to produce.

Kind regards,
Consumer Services Co-ordinator.

But this wasn’t enough for us, so I asked if they had any images and they came back with this photocopy found in the cupboard.

Donut Skips

Which meant that Simon was right all along.

eBay “free” listings

Good news acording to the eBay news feed:

Zero insertion fees on qualifying auction-style listings on
From 12th March 2009, there’s no insertion fee if you’re a private seller and you list your item in an eligible category in the auction-style format with a starting price of up to 99p. Don’t forget, your first picture is also free.
If your item doesn’t sell, you don’t pay a penny. All you pay for are optional listing features and upgrades

Sounds great, but lets take a closer look.

* The free listing fee is only for those with a starting price of 99p and under, any thing else still has the same listing fee.
* The final value fee has again gone up. Instead of a sliding scale starting at 8.75% it’s now 10% up to a maximum of £40.

With a bit of a back of a fag packet (excel spreadsheet) during my lunch I’ve come up with these figures.

An item selling for £1 will now have a fee of 10p instead of 19p (9p up).
£5 will have a fee of 54p instead of 50p (4p up).
£8 will have a fee of 80p, the same as before.
£10 will have a fee of £1 instead of 98p (2p down).
£20 will have a fee of £2 instead of £1.85 (15p down).
£40 will have a fee of £4 instead of £3.25 (75p down).
£100 will have a fee of £10 instead of £6.40 (£3.60 down).
£150 will have a fee of £15 instead of £9.02 (£5.98 down).
£250 will have a fee of £25 instead of £14.27 (£11.73 down).
£400 will have a fee of £40 instead of £22.15 (£17.85 down).
£750 will have a fee of £40 instead of £34.90 (£5.10 down).

Only when an item sells for more than £1090.05 will you end being better off again. On top of this, with the forcing you to offer PayPal, eBay can take a second hit at your money.