Aukey USB Wall Charger 50W / 10A 5 Ports

Thanks to the wonderful people at Aukey they’ve sent me some stuff to test.

Next is the Aukey USB Wall Charger 50W / 10A 5 Ports.

This 5 port UBS charger can knock out up to 10A, so around 2A per port, which is enough to get your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Google Pixel and Bluetooth Headphones charged.

As it only requires one wall socket, it’s ideal for taking on holiday where sockets can be sparse in the hotels, or on a desk when you have devices all over the place.

Unlike other similar products I’ve not noticed any hum from the device.

Currently available at Amazon for only £14.99 and if you spend over £20 with other Tianyue Dazzling before the end of Monday 19th Dec you can save 20% using the discount code AUKEYUKT.

Overall 5/5

2 thoughts on “Aukey USB Wall Charger 50W / 10A 5 Ports

  1. 2.4A per port would be better, as some devices need the extra and building a power supply to this spec is just more likely to be reliable! That way one isn’t worrying and calculating if it’s going to work or not… Plus what is the reliability of running all ports at full power 24/7 (or heavy usage in general)? Reviews like this are worthless for this as they test for a few hours at most.

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