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When FilmOn made their changes last month they blocked a loophole which allowed users to watch the higher quality (note, I’m not going to call them HD as I feel they aren’t high enough to have that label) streams without the need to have a premium FilmOn account.

Several people requested that I support being able to login to FilmOn to reach the better streams, so today I’m please to announce version 2.0.8 of my FilmOn app.
You can now login with your FilmOn email address and password and if you have an active pro account watch the higher quality streams.

To login you need to move to the About tab along the top and then press the * key on your remote, it’s been built to be not too obvious as you don’t need to login to use the app with the lower quality stream which most people are happy about. Details will remain saved on the box for future use.

Premium FilmOn is £/$/€14.99 a month, with savings for a year, but I’d suggest sticking to a rolling contract.
The app doesn’t support any of the DVR features FilmOn offer, so unless you plan to use them with other devices I’d suggest not adding on any extras.

The app should be updating on your Roku today, or if you have a NOW TV box you can sideload using this ZIP file

Finally many thanks for all those who recently donated. It’s great to know that for me what was just a hobby meant so much more to you.

31 thoughts on “FilmOn Higher Quality

  1. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for yet more options and your hard work making them happen.
    One question, is this version suitable for both subscription and non subscription or is it a separate app ?

    Thanks again ,

    1. The app works fine without a subscription, and there will only be one version. Some small code changes which shouldn’t be to noticeable if you don’t login, but I’ll be blocking old versions of the app on NOW TV boxes at some point in the new year.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    I just rebooted my roku stick to check out the new version, while all the channels that I’ve checked play well , when I go to the about section to check the version number the app shuts down and the roku goes back to the home page.


  3. Hi Ryan,
    Add kix to ade’s list of kids channels not loading, other than that I put it on a black now tv box a nowtv smart box and roku stick and apart from the mentioned kids channels all is well.


  4. Hi Ryan

    Thanks again for creating such a basic app in a modern world that does exactly what the people want I donated and will continue to do so keep up the great work

    I have recently moved but area aerial signal was bad but internet perfect so this has been the answer to my Nowtv smart box dilemma for now

  5. Hi Ryan, from the screengrab of the new version it appears that the USB option is no longer available….. If so could you possibly consider not blocking old Now Tv versions as my elderly father-in-law uses both the filmon channels (as the local tv signal sometimes fails), and the usb to look at photos.

    Thanks, Jac

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