FilmOn on Roku and NOW TV boxes, an update

So yesterday I began to get reports from users that streams would no longer play, this occurred around 16:30 (GMT) as I was preparing to leave work to head home. Once I arrived home I could see that some of the tricks previously used to generate the m3u8 urls returned an error from the FilmOn servers.

I quickly built some new code which used more of their API and successfully allowed me to watch most of the channels, this was the 1.5.0 release at 19:15.

Again reports came in of issues for some channels with the new “Unable to fetch stream URL” error message that I added. I could only replicate this issue with BBC News, Really and some of the french channels. I was able add some more code which fixed this issue for me and 1.5.1 was released at 21:25.

Users outside of the UK continue to report they can’t watch UK stations, whilst those who can watch the channels get the streams stopping after 2 minutes.

It’s my belief that FilmOn yesterday applied some changes after pressure from the UK broadcasters.

  • Non UK users can no longer request UK stream
  • Several channels have been completely removed (Dave)
  • A loophole which allowed you to watch the high quality streams without paying has been patched.

An updated version 1.5.2 was pushed to Roku at 20:10 on today, this downgraded the streams to low-res, but they continue to play for longer than 2 minutes.

Version 1.6.0 has now been released which hides channels which FilmOn won’t let you watch in your region (most of the UK channels if you are in America) if you have a Roku you can force an update by visiting Settings -> System -> System update -> Check now. If you use a NOW TV box you can download the zip to sideload.

6th Nov update 1.6.1 is now available in the Roku store, this includes a work around for those who were restricted from viewing the UK channels. A big thanks to those who help provide debug logs and tested the app for me last night.

11th Nov update 1.7.1 is now available both as a ZIP or an update on the Roku store. This should fix the “Unable to fetch a session key” error message, however their API is very slow tonight and requests may timeout resulting in different error messages. I suggest to keep trying.

12th Nov update I’ve worked out why 1.7.1 wasn’t working on NOW TV boxes, turns out the request URL returns a CURL error on older Roku firmware. I’ve worked around this via the backend call and I can now watch on my NOW TV boxes. But I’ve also updated the app to 1.7.2 to help with some of the error messages. It has been pushed to Roku or can be downloaded as a ZIP.
A couple of extra patches have been rolled out. 1.7.7 is the latest version, ZIP file here: or update will be available via Roku. It fixes a bug for users in America which caused the app to crash, and a bug for everyone when they went towards the French channels in the channel list.
If you can’t see any of the UK channels, if you visit About within the app can you please let me know the Log Code you see.

22nd Nov update 1.7.8 contains a fix which I though had already been patched for a couple of missing lines which caused the app to crash on low res screens, and occasionally on other devices (I don’t believe the block of code is actually required at all, but don’t have time to check through to make sure it’s safe to remove). ZIP file is available here, already up on the Roku store and most likely you already have it.

Finally, I built this app in my own time and support it by myself. I spent the whole of last night trying to fix these issues instead of playing with my children. The app has no adverts and according to my Roku developer dashboard, last month nearly 2.5 million minutes were watched where as the total donations received were just $10. So if you want to help, you can make a donation via this page

321 thoughts on “FilmOn on Roku and NOW TV boxes, an update

  1. Hi Ryan ,
    I’ve installed it on 2 now TV boxes and both are working fine, I will help a friend abroad upgrade theirs later and will report back how it’s working from abroad.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      When Ryan has had some more working reports in and hes finished testing it he will push it to all rokus, all you will have to do is restart your roku & it will automatically update.


      1. Its still not working here in Florida.. I am sorry I have been so impatient.. Makes me seem like I am a child.. lol. Not really .. I think we just used to watching some great stuff..

        Sad that the Government like here in America has to get involved.

    2. Go to roku settings, then system, go over and down to system update.. arrow right then hit check now… it will then do an update.. I just did…do that at least once a week,,, I try to…

  2. Ryan if this helps you can go to “” to find working UK streams (quest, itv1, itv2, itv3, channel 5, pick tv, bbc1…) that show in the upper right corner of the screen… so somehow they are still able to play (i’m in the usa too btw)
    maybe you can use whatever method they’re using to get your channel back up and working properly

  3. Thanks for the help the apps working perfectly Ryan. I’ve tried to donate through PayPal but it’s saying there was a problem on the page.



  4. Hi Ryan, I am not familiar with coding or ip restrictions but I am outside the UK and I think everything started when filmon released (Nov 1) a new channel for the Roku called FOTV. It looks just like the regular Filmon channel I get…same stations. I have enjoyed your release just for a little time, just for a week until it when away.
    It will be great if you can bring it back for all of us Roku users outside the UK… I will be more that happy to pitch in a donation. Excellent work!. Thanks

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the update, it’s working well on my now tv boxes, please let us know when you push it to roku .
    Donation sent, your work is much appreciated.


  6. UK channels with the improved PQ streams still work on the Kodi FilmOn.TV add-on connected to a Fire TV (using Getflix DNS), but I also have the F4Mtester. However you can’t access the French TV menu via that add-on, so they’re definitely up to something which is affecting all developers.

  7. I agree with ALL those who are grateful for your work Ryan. I am in Canada. I especially agree with Ray when he says if it can’t be fixed this time, I too have really enjoyed your work to-date, and I joined the others with a small donation to help – Paypal worked for me.

    Look forward to testing 1.5.2 to see if it clears things up.

  8. 1.5.2 is now in the Roku store to ensure that the streams don’t time out, but the compromise is lower quality.
    I still need to do some work. The error handling when a channel is blocked/missing isn’t great, and it’s possible that after testing with people who can’t reach the BBC channels we can find some workarounds for them. Also it’s possible that hi-res channels could return, it’s just a matter of testing different ideas.

    1. 1.5.2 update – seems to be all working in Canada! Already surpassed the previous limit. . . and counting. Appreciate your work as always – thanks. Will post if anything changes.

  9. Thank you, Ryan. i’ve updated my roku 3 to 1.5.2 and unfortunately it’s still not working. It shows loading for a second then back to the list of channel.

  10. Hi Ryan ,
    1.5.2 is working well on my roku stick and now tv boxes .
    I’m in the Uk, I haven’t been able to get my mate in Europe up and running yet , but will report back when I do.


  11. Hi Ryan. Thanks for your effort.
    I am in South Africa and updated my Roku 3600R to 1.5.2
    No change really from 1.5.1 Still saying unable to fetch stream url

    Will give donation Bud


  12. i should be more specific about my issues… only the uk tv channels are not working (1.5.2 on roku 3 here in the usa). the other channels seem to be fine.

  13. Loaded 1.5.2 On most UK channels I still receive the “Unable to fetch stream URL” message. Though on the French channels, CBBC and the cartoon channels just below Food Network on the guide I receive audio but no video here in USA.

  14. Hi, Ryan thank you again for your extraordinary efforts to repair and for keeping us updated. Over the past 24 hours, I have updated to the 1.5, 1.5.1 and 1.5.2 versions on our 2 Roku boxes here in the US. When I try to find a channel using the “now/next” channel listings, I am still receiving the “unable to fetch stream URL” message for over 75% of the channels. For the French channels and 2 of the 3 new German channels, I can hear only, but not see the video feed. When I search using the “channels” panel, over 75% of the channels fail to provide a video feed and the system freezes on the channel selected. The other 25% provide a video feed, including the French channels and 2 of the 3 new German channels.

  15. Hi Ryan,
    Is it true that non-UK residents will not be able to watch Filmon anymore? I am in USA. We are more than willing to donate for your efforts if there is a way to make it work. We are all very grateful for your time and expertise.

  16. Good news, 1.6.0 has just been released and it should reduce the number of times you see “Unable to fetch stream URL”.
    Bad news, it does this by hiding any channels it now knows FilmOn won’t let you watch in the first place.

    Also the issue of you hearing the audio, but still having the listings shown should be fixed.

    I still need people in the states who know what they are doing with DNS changers or APIs to get in contact. I have a couple of ideas which are simple to test, but would be quicker if I was dealing on a one-to-one basis.

    1. I live in the US and just upgraded my Roku 3 to 1.6.0. All my good uk channels are gone but the channels that are there are working fine. I hope you continue to work on this. I wish I was more help. I really miss my film on channels. Thanks for all you are doing. I intend to donate.

  17. 1.6.0. working perfectly fine with 360p streams (inc. UK) using a NOW TV Smart Box connected to TalkTalk Fibre Broadband 76/20 using Google DNS from my Ethernet Cat5 cable to my TP-LINK Router.

  18. The donate button gave the following error , so I have gone through the link you provided .

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Please contact the server administrator, [email protected] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

  19. Back up and running here in Ireland. No issues with channels disconnecting as of yet. Thanks so much for your work on this. We use your app daily on our Now TV boxes. Donation made.

  20. Running fine again for me now Ryan thanks very much, what are the chances of getting the higher quality streams working again?

    Also is there any other source you could use to add Dave back in?

  21. Thanks so much.
    I sent a donation, it is small but I am disabled and broke – too bad I am not wealthy I would send MUCH more.
    I love the channel and I hope you can get around the problem very soon.

  22. Thanks Ryan – have replaced the Filmon app on NowTV tonight and looks like it works fine. Really grateful for all your hard work on this app. It’s helped me have my own space in a hectic shared house! Have just donated. Please go play with your kids!

  23. Just donated for all the work you do! So much appreciated! In States, all Filmon
    channels missing except BBC1. Hope you come up with something to get the FilmON
    BBC channels back. Wish I knew more about DNS, etc. to help.

  24. Just tried the filmon app on my roku for the first time today after working perfect yesterday with ver 1.6.0 , not working at all . When I choose filmon the screen just goes blank then dumps me back to the home screen .
    Anyone else having this problem ?

  25. I just deleted the channel to try and reinstall it and now it is not showing up as option. What is the code I should be entering? Thanks for all your work, Ryan!

  26. Hi Ryan,

    I’ve helped my mate in Bulgaria update his now tv box & can report back that bbc/itv4/5 etc are all visible & working well.

    Sorry I cant help with the DNS etc unfortunately I left my vpn router abroad.

    Thanks again for your work.


  27. Ryan,

    I updated the app to version 1.6.1 and it’s working! It’s back! I’m so happy! Thank you so very much! You really should make this a paid subscription…I would subscribe in a heartbeat!

    I’m in California, by the way. Will donate.

  28. Hi Ryan , I just now turned on my roku and version 1.6.1 loaded and is working ok .

    Thanks again , I hope you didn’t miss the fireworks while working for us . Lol

  29. Hi Ryan,
    Congratulations on overcoming the geo block , you will be even more popular in the states.
    Is ver 1.6.1 available for side load ?

    Thanks ,


  30. Ryan, I live in the US. Thank you so much for getting all my UK channels back. I was lost without them. You are the greatest! I just donated! Keep up the great work!

  31. Hello I just removed and downloaded new channels.still doesn’t work. I click on the icon and it flashes the channels the goes right back to the main icon menu I am in ny

  32. 9am where I live in the states and it’s working again for me! Thanks so much, Ryan, I’m truly grateful. I get paid next week and definitely plan to donate. You’re the best!!!

  33. Can someone tell me how to do the patch, I did get told once but stupidly forgot to write it down.
    I know I need the ip address of the box but forgot the sequence and then I need to patch from my comp.
    If someone can tip me the wink on how to do it I would be grateful and I will also keep the info safe this time.

    1. Assuming you’ve not taken the box out of dev mode. Just enter the ip address of the box into your browser. You’ll be asked for your username (rokudev) and password (whatever you set) and then you should then see a page asking you to upload a file. Do that and hit replace and the app should update and load on your NOW TV box.

  34. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the update and the apps you’ve been spending time on. Loads of us appreciate it.

    I’ve only just noticed your app has USB option. I can play video from this such mp4 1080p but don’t get any sound. Video is very good though. I can hear the remote on my NOW TV/Roku3 fine.

    Sorry if I have missed any instruction for the USB option.

    Appreciate your work and will make a donation once I get paid this month.

    What is a reasonable amount people should or are donating?

    £5? £10?

    Thanks again Ryan!

  35. Thanks Ryan for your help. I am in NY and it is still not working. I have a Roku 1. Is it possible that is the reason as it is an older model?

    Thanks again I have tipped as I have enjoyed the channel.

    1. Hi James , Mine is a Roku 1 , and is now working ok . Admittedly I am in a different part of the world to you , I am in Cyprus in the Med . I use unlocator for DNS .

  36. Hi Paj,
    Here is a reply from the app maker Ryan from earlier in this blog.

    The only difference is the work around, for now I intend to keep that within the Roku private channel app as those with a NOW TV box should be fine without.

    1. Hi Paj,

      I’m using the small black Now TV box and it works great.

      I had to go into developer mode, set up the username and password, then upload Ryan’s App via the zip using my laptop by browsing the I.P. address given by your box when you’re in developers mode on the same network.

      I still can’t get sound from the USB when playing movies. A shame as the picture is very very good.

      Anybody know a workaround?


  37. Thanks for the reply Mark.

    So I take it that currently the Roku boxes have the ability to play the filmon streams outside the UK, but not the NOW TV boxes (unless you use a DNS/VPN service)?

  38. Hi Paj,
    I have a mate in Bulgaria who I helped update his now tv box to 1.6.0 who can now watch all the BBC itv etc streams as I believe filmon who supply the streams can get away with this as they are broadcast in Europe unscrambled on satellite so in theory anyone can pick them up (with a 10m dish !), however they have to block them to outside Europe just as they block USA streams outside the USA .
    As most now tv boxes are used within Europe this should not be a problem but as roku’s are used world wide the modified 1.6.1 version is more use to users.
    This is my understanding of it as filmon on their own android app and website allow BBC etc to be viewed throughout Europe.
    I’m pretty sure that is accurate, but if I’ve got something wrong I’m sure someone will chip in.

  39. I have 2 x Roku 3 boxes with the UKTV apps (paying $1.99 a month). How can I get these working again? I’m in the US and when I go to the app it just returns me to the home page. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi, based in Dublin. Have the white now tv box. Installed latest 1.6.0 and am getting “no data” for all the channels. Any suggestions? Best wishes. Barry.

      1. Hi Barry,
        No data is what you get while the app is getting the info for the epg , if its stuck on that , try restarting your router and you now tv box.

    1. I have just installed Ryan’s App and it works, I cannot thank you enough! I really missed not watching UK TV and now I have it back yippee!! I will be cancelling my subscription to the UKTV app and will absolutely make a donation to Ryan. Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi All,
      I’m having the same test card with API error displayed when trying to view yesterday channel however I’m not getting the 2 min and freeze problem.
      I’m in the UK using a roku stick running ver 1.6.1 of Ryan’s app.

    2. Hi All,
      I’m having the same test card with API error displaying on many channels now, I’ve checked filmon android app the same channels are running OK.

      I’m in the UK using a roku stick running ver 1.6.1 of Ryan’s app.

    3. Hi guys , I’m now able to watch yesterday, I’m watching it now ! However it seems to be hit and miss at the moment, I can watch a channel then go up one channel the if I go back to the original one it will sometimes work and sometimes not !

  40. Morning…my filmon app was freezing after two minutes and now isn’t working anymore. Have filmon won ?? lol
    Thanks so much for all of you hard work :o)

  41. I’m having the same test card with API error displaying on many channels now, I’ve checked filmon android app the same channels are running OK.

    I’m in the Turkey with smart dns using a nowtv box running ver 1.6.0 of Ryan’s app.

  42. I’ve done a little debugging during my lunch break. I can see that some requests appear to be going via a new server FilmOn have added to their content delivery network. The API calls don’t include the id required to get the stream to play.
    I’m hoping that this is an error at their end and it will just resolve itself.
    You may find that retrying a channel will get it to work. BBC 1 is giving me a good URL about 1 in 3 tries.

  43. hi ryan !
    i want to sideload this on a now tv roku box that i have but cannot link a box to roku to make an account as it is a now tv box ! will there be another way to grab the file in the future ? paid or unpaid ? thanks

  44. sorry what i meant is i cannot access the roku store to download the zip file !
    i know the procedure to sideload the app ! 😉

    i have the 1,6,0 sideloaded but uk channels are blocked with the api notice

    1. There is no zip to download from the Roku store, you either have a Roku box and install private apps through their website, or you have a NOW TV box and sideload the ZIP files I upload here. As repeated several times the only difference between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1 is that one has a workaround for those in America.

      As for the API notice just keep trying the channels for now, you should get lucky.

  45. Hi Guys ,

    I’ve had the app running all afternoon, once on a channel it has worked without a glitch, its only when changing channels there is any issue and a couple of changes sorts that.

    Much better than things were a week ago !

    1. Hi Colin ,
      1.6.1 would not help and is not available for now tv boxes.
      If you simply change up a channel the back once or twice the channel will clear.

    1. Not working again on my Roku in the US. Most of the time it won’t let me on the app at all and if it does when I press a channel it goes right back to the main menu.

      1. Everything fine until I changed channels. It went back to main Roku screen and wouldn’t reload a few times. Went it did reload channels were missing on the guide grid again. Decided to unplug and reset. Now app loads, but instead of a channel guide I receive a “Unable to fetch a session key ” message.

  46. Hi Ryan!

    Regular channels have disappeared on roku. It’s been glitchy since yesterday, FYI. I have managed to get in and out of the app when it’s telling me that access is denied but today, nothing.

    I’ve been upgrading and restarting the roku.

  47. I’m just getting a big red box with white type inside declaring:

    Unable to fetch a session key

    My home network may be a bit congested but I’ve tried 4+ times including resetting my NOWTV Box (black one) and get the same result.

    I’ll try again tomorrow and report back if anything changes…

  48. I’m getting the same message:

    Unable to fetch a session key

    I’m checking regularly if there are any changes. I’ll post when something changes.


  49. Looks like FilmOn are making changes, good news I’ve spotted one of them quickly and have updated the app to work around the issue.
    However the FilmOn servers are very slow, just trying to get their website to show me the list of channels was a struggle. Because of this you might find that the API calls made to request data timeout (I’ve increased it from 10 seconds to 20, but it’s still not great).

    Couple of other changes which include using a hi-res stream when one is available for longer than a minute (very few channels, but why not) and unifying the NOW TV and Roku apps again.

    1.7.0 as a ZIP file available on Google Drive, update on Roku can be forced by doing a system update.

    1. Hi Ryan. FYI, I am in USA using a Roku box. I get a red box with “unable to speak to Filmon”. System is running version 1.7. No working anymore. It was fine this morning.

      Thanks man.

  50. Hi All,

    I have a big red box but my message is unable to fetch a session key.
    Im using a roku’s stick in the Uk running version 1.7.1 of Ryan’s app

    1. Hi Guys,

      I tried another app then went back to Ryan’s filmon app and now every Brit channel is working with the exception of kartoon classics which now requires a subscription !

      I’m still in the uk using my Roku stick running very 1.7.1 of Ryan’s app, my advice is if you are still having problems try restarting your nowtv box / roku.

  51. I didn’t use TV last night , but have just tried this morning , getting the message “unable to speak to filmon , tried resetting my roku a few times , still no joy .

  52. Tried updating a couple of my boxes this morning using 1.7.0 “Unable to speak to FilmOn” on both of them.

    Shame they decided to mess about with it the previous version I had been using (1.5.1) had been working beautifully for months.

    Appreciate your efforts Ryan.

  53. Hi Guys,

    After watching filmon on my Roku stick yesterday , I went up to my bedroom and updated my Nowtv box to 1.7.1 and found I was receiving the “unable to speak to filmon” message that many others have reported, then this morning I checked my wifes Roku stick, It had a red box & error message yet my other Roku stick worked perfect, I was puzzled then I remembered that I had recently upgraded the Roku os on my stick to 7.5.0, out of interest I upgraded the os on my wifes stick & then Ryans filmon app started working on my wifes Roku stick.
    If this is the reason why some are working and others not it would explain why the now tv boxes are not working as they are stuck on a earlier version of the Roku os.

    Hopefully the info is helpful, if you are running a Roku but Ryans app is not working, try upgrading the Roku os you can do this by pressing,

    up (system update)
    then highlight update & proceed

    To sum up, I’m in the UK 1.7.1 works on my Roku sticks on 7.5.0 os but does not work on my black now tv box.

  54. As mark guessed the issue was firmware with the NOW TV boxes. Looks like Roku made some sensible fixes in 7.5 regarding URL handling and I hadn’t noticed that it errored in 7.2.
    I’ve been able to make some back end changes to work around this, however I’ve also updated the app to 1.7.2 to try to add some error codes to the messages to help me track down where you are unable to talk to FilmOn. (ZIP can be found here

    1. Latest update seems to be working, only tried channel 4 so far. Would it be possible to change the app so we can still use the USB function when the FilmOn bit isn’t working?

  55. 1.7.2 works on the NOW TV Smart Box, but is buggy. For example, on France 2, you get the “Loading France 2” text over the top of the picture.

    I was unable to use the back button so had to exit the app by using the Home button.

  56. Thanks for all your continued efforts Ryan. It’s really appreciated especially for some of us who spend some time outside the UK. Everyone remember to make a donation via PayPal (even a small one) so that Ryan can keep doing this wonderful work for us all.

  57. Last night it was working great on my Roku in the US. This morning it won’t come up and just goes back to the main Roku menu when pressed. Thanks for all your work Ryan. I hope you are still working on it for us here in the US. We do appreciate it!

      1. The same thing is happening to me in the U.S. I updated the operating system, and I thought it was going to work because it kind of fakes me out. It starts to load the menu and channels, then it bounces back to the home screen. Thanks for all you do here. 🙂

  58. Hey Ryan

    1.7.1 appears to be working fine on my NOW TV box, however 1.7.2 is locking up when I try going beyond the al jazeera channel in Now/Next and also when trying to play some other channels.

  59. It was working fine last night. Now the app is not even loading. It loaded once but the British channels are all gone except for BBC News and the kids channels. The last time I checked I was on version 1.7.2. on my Roku (US).

  60. Turned on this morning and app had many channels missing. Went to update and found the app had a new update. With the new update the app wont load. My Roku version is 7.5.0-build 4096-23 updated Nov 9th. Location USA. Hope this info might help.

    1. Just updated with the new 1.7.3. App now loads very slow. The Guide shows BBC News and Cartoon Channels. Can watch BBC News and CBBC. As I scroll down past the first 5 channels the app closes. I unplugged and reset Roku TV. Unfortunately, without making a difference. Tried using Channel screen and was able to watch France 0, but when I tried France 2 App closes.

  61. Hi, I’m using a white now tv box (first gen) and i get ‘no data’, none of the channels load and it doesn’t respond to the remote control (unless I press home to exit the program)

    I’m running on the latest nowtv firmware and filmontv 1.7.2.

    It works fine on my now tv black box.

    Any ideas?


  62. Hi Ryan,

    FYi, App is working again in the US but it looks like any geo protected channel can’t be seem. Besides the kids channels, I get only the BBC News. None of the other BBC channels or ITV channels show.
    I figured out away around by using a VPN service and creating a virtual VPN wifi connection in my house computer. I connect my VPN service to a British IP address and then I connect my Roku to the new created Wifi Virtual VPN… and all the missing channels show now.
    Great work!!!

  63. Hi Ryan ,
    Installed and quickly tested on 1 roku stick and two black now tv boxes, all seems well and can access channels above travel.

    Thanks for all your work and many updates this weekend.

  64. If you are in the US and don’t get any of the BBC channels, can you please make sure you are using version 1.7.5. If you visit About within the app there should be a Log Code, can you please let me know what you get.


      1. Had a look now and they are still not showing. They are on XTV.
        Is there any info I need to look for or can give you to make it easier for you to check see the channels problems?

  65. i’m in hungary, and uk channels on filmon are not blocked, so maybe it only applies to the usa. i have had problems before, but i have a smartdns service that takes care of this (unotelly supports filmon uk). also, i have a filmon sub, and the high-res does make a difference, although a far cry from “hd” :), but at least its 480p(-ish).
    on a roku 3, the filmon channel (fotv) is okay, but Ryan’s channel is way better and faster. although the login possibility would be a welcome addition.
    just an advice for anyone interested: when watching iptv-type streams, always use wired connection, if possible on your device. thats why i think its best to use a roku 2-3 or the black now tv box, as these have ethernet.

      1. Selwyn,
        To help identify the problem can you post what device you are using, the app version with its log number and the firmware version of your device.

  66. Is there a way for us to create our own channel list ? Was looking through the source code and couldn’t identify where its getting the channel list from.

  67. Noticed a number of errors in the crash logs provided by Roku regarding a function which I though was no longer used. Think it’s only for devices outputting to SD displays, but have patched it in 1.7.7.

  68. The password is set by the user, the first time a app like Ryan’s is side loaded onto the now tv box, if you set it up, you would of entered the first password, the username is rokudev

    1. mine came with a password on it and I never changed it. thats why I cant remember it. I should have changed it but never saw the point…..until now.
      login is still rokudev

      1. Hi Doug,
        All devices come with no password from the factory, if yours is second hand or someone set it up for you, you could try asking them or do a factory reset , but that means you will have to set everything up again as that means the device will be the same as when it left the factory. There is no default password that I’m aware of.

  69. Turns out FilmOn have more GeoBlocking than I first noticed. Originally I assumed it was US v Rest of the World, but having a play with a VPN I’ve noticed that those in USA get very little UK channels and no Canadian channels, those in France get less French channels, those in Mexico get some UK channels but not all.

  70. Ryan, excellent app and thanks v. much for all your hard work. Donated last week. I live in the UK, and have 2 of the black NOW TV boxes now both running 1.7.7. All works OK, apart from Yesterday and Quest, which play for a couple of minutes and then lock up. Been having this issue since 1.7.1. Rebooted boxes and reloaded app, but these 2 channels still hang after a couple of minutes. I was wondering if any other people are seeing this?

    1. Hi John,
      I just went up to test both my black now tv boxes on yesterday and quest, both work perfectly .
      I’m in the Uk the boxes are on ver 7 build 9594 of the os and Ryan’s app is on ver 1.7.7 and the log code is 50.

  71. Ryan great work… I tried a few versions from an old thread non of which worked.
    I kept getting error 268.
    I did a bit more reading and ended up here, download 1.7.7 on two of the black boxes.
    Happy days… fully working and two happy children who can now watch tv in there rooms

  72. Mark, yes. Both NOW TV boxes have been updated today. Tested again, and all other channels are stable, apart from Yesterday and Quest. WiFi is running at around 10Mbps, and other apps such as BBC I Player are running and stable with no ‘stuttering’. Very odd!

    1. Hi John,
      In the about section of Ryan’s app there should be a log code, what does it say ?
      Have to admit I’m at a bit of a loss as to why my boxes work and yours don’t .
      Apart from build and internet speed we are the same.
      Are you able to test the box at a friend’s house that has fibre optic internet ?
      If you have 10 mbps but multiple people / devices are using it you may be dropping below what is required by those channels , to be honest it’s the only thing I can think of .

    2. Hi John,

      I haven’t tried Quest, but I had the same problem with Yesterday when I tried the other day on 1.7.6. I am running over Ethernet on 60mbps connection on a black Now TV box. I will have to update to 1.7.7 and try again though.

  73. Right, I’m clearly going to have an issue with my password as I bought it the best part of a year ago and cant remember who from, so, 2 new questions
    1. ‘could’ you have 2 boxes in the same house? ie the same network and ip!
    2. who sells them?

    1. You can have as many boxes as you want in the house. I have a Roku 2 and a NOW TV Smart box, but will test with my old NOW TV black and NOW TV white boxes. You can pick up either a NOW TV or Roku box from any good electrical store and some bad ones too.

      As for resetting the password, I think if you disable dev mode on the box, and then re-enable it you should be prompted to set a new password, however I’m not at home to test.

    2. Hi Doug,

      I believe if you go into the dev menu on the box, you have an option to reset password there, you shouldn’t need to reset the box to change the password.

  74. Hi, I’m using a white now tv box (first gen, using analogue output) and i get ‘no data’, none of the channels load and it doesn’t respond to the remote control (unless I press home to exit the program)
    I’m running on the latest nowtv firmware and filmontv 1.7.7
    It works fine on my now tv black box.
    Any ideas?

  75. Slightly off topic I know, but might be of use to some of you, Argos have the roku stick on sale for under £19 at the moment the price is being matched by Amazon & Tesco Direct.

    It does a lot more than a now tv box for around the same money, inc Amazon video (if you have prime) for you Grand Tour (top gear trio) fans.


  76. Hey all, does anyone know if the Black Now TV box 2nd Gen is able to install more than one app?

    I use Plex all the time and would like to use FilmOn also. there is only the option to replace in developer mode. am i right in guessing its either 1 or the other?

    Thanks in advance and also.. Thanks Ryan for all your hard work. its Much appreciated.

  77. Anyone know of a list of good roku channels to add and how to find/add them? I’m most searching on the stick and finding rubbish!
    Or is it I’m doing it wrong beyond the popular and obvious channels?

  78. just a little note about the roku stick… speaking of experience, while the price tag might be tempting, remember that the stick is wifi-only, and roku 2 & 3 boxes have wired connection too, same as the black now tv box. i learned the hard way that most services only perform well with a wired connection, reliability and stability is much better, especially when it comes to live streaming.
    the filmon plugin in plex is great, the downside is it requires a plex server to run at all times.

  79. Going back to the issues with Yesterday (and Quest as John mentioned earlier it has the same problem), I have updated my NowTV v2 box to FilmOn 1.7.7 and tried again, it runs for 1-2 minutes and then stops with ‘Loading Yesterday’ over the frozen image. My NowTV box is on a wired 50mbps connection. However, I also now have a Roku Streaming Stick and have tried both the official and unofficial FilmOn apps on that, any other channels I tried stream without issue, Yesterday (and presumably Quest, but I didn’t try it) streams for about 1-2 minutes and then buffers for a few seconds and then streams perfectly fine, that is with either app on the Roku stick.

  80. Hi Nigel,

    This is a strange one, I have the same kit as you and similar internet speed as you (mine slightly slower), yet I can’t get the fault to happen to me on either device or on either app, on either channel !

    If it happens on both Ryan’s and the official app I would normally say its likely to the source streams but then it would happen to all of us.
    I’m sorry I can’t do more to help other than test and report back.

    Is anyone else still experiencing this problem ?


  81. No worries, not a big problem for me, just thought the fact the Roku Stick buffers after around the same length of time the complete freeze on the NowTV box that I experience may be an issue in how the app handles buffering mid-stream and NowTV box specific handling of that code. Still if anyone else reports the problem then more information may surface as to the cause.

  82. Just wanted to update, that I have also got hold of a NowTV Smart Box now and on 1.7.8 it has the same freezing issue on Yesterday as the NowTV v2 box. Still not a big problem for me personally, just updating on the issue in case anyone is interested.

  83. I got my daughter a roku stick at tesco for £18.49 and they gave me a £5 tv accessories voucher so I went back and got a now tv smart box for £19.99 using the voucher and they gave me another £5 off voucher. I set up the now tv smart box and tested and had no problems on any channels , I made a point of testing quest and yesterday due to the reported issue that Nigel has had but had no problems.

  84. Hi Audrey,
    To side load is another way to put the app on your device, as you have a roku you won’t need to side load as you can and probably have used the private channel for this app, this also has the advantage that using the private channel app will auto update the app .
    With the side load you have to manually update as we have to do on the now tv boxes.

  85. I have a sound issue using a Roku 3 in Canada, with BBC channels that I watch – it sounds as if the people speaking have a “frog in the their throat” for some words – it has become more pronounced in the last few months. Anyone else have such issues and does anyone have an idea re. clearing it up?

  86. ‘yesterday’ does not work, but it doesnt stream on the filmon website either.
    a few channels randomly wont load (bbc four) from a non-uk eu ip. using a uk ip, there are no issues.
    some “lesser” channels further back on the list sometimes dont work, but i think those are filmon-related too.

  87. Hi Ryan
    Just downloaded and installed your app it’s just what I have been looking for! The only thing is I don’t seem to have the channels dave and quest, any ideas?


  88. Hi Ryan,

    I’m based in Turkey, as of yesterday my FilmOn started showing a Turkish add and or Turkish audio with the channels still streaming. I’m just watching via a laptop nothing else, so no NowTV box etc, any ideas as to what I can do? Happy to donate. Thanks Niky

  89. Hi Ryan. My app stopped working on my Roku here in the United States this morning. I was watching it and went back to the Roku home screen and when I tried to get back in it won’t open up. It just takes me back to the Roku home screen. Thanks for your help. I really enjoy this app and I just donated again for all the work you do.

  90. is it possible to sideload “cinefuntv” anyhow? it is available in Roku. Can you help Ryan? It looks like the only way to watch some hindi/bollywood channels

    1. is it possible to sideload “cinefuntv” anyhow on NOWTV? it is available in Roku. Can you help Ryan? It looks like the only way to watch some hindi/bollywood channels

  91. Got it…. I am just tryna get some Indian channels to work…. filmon does have some Indian channels but I guess they are not in the one you put up…. but because of your app I am able to play USB on my NOWTV box… cheers to that.

    Hope someday you do get around to adding a few Hindi / Indian channels. Smiles all around.

  92. Hey,

    Just tried opening the app and I’m getting error code 54 unable to communicate with FilmOn servers. I’m using a black NowTV box, anyone else having issues?

  93. Hi Christian,

    I just tested the app on my roku stick in the UK and it’s working fine for me.
    Have you checked your internet connection using iPlayer etc ?


  94. HI I have film on tv on my box but can I add Netflix? cant find how to add extras anymore, no way of adding channels etc which there was before because I added some radio etc

  95. Hi Doug,
    If you have a now TV box, you can only add 1 sideloaded app , so if you have Ryan’s filmon app you can add another unless you delete the first one.
    If you want radio get the tune in app from the app store.


  96. Just got a Roku2 box and still feeling my way with it. Can any one tell me how can get
    the UK Freeview channels, especially Quest TV?
    I’ve added FilmOn but it’s not on there

      1. How come you are recommending a roku fire stick , is it different from a roku box ? My roku one no longer gets the app .

      2. It must have just been a glitch last night . My roku one is getting the filmon app this morning .
        Are roku boxes likely to loose it soon , because don’t sky have a big stake in roku ?

  97. My Roku works just fine – sometimes I have to go in and out of the App a couple times for more channels to appear – but that’s no problem. Works on Streaming stick and box.

    1. Hi Doug,
      All the normal retailers Curry’s / Argos / John Lewis / Sainsbury’s / tesco / Amazon .
      Current norm price is around £35-£39 .


  98. Oh well the latest Now TV updated has removed all sideloaded apps and you can’t load any more without a Keycode – So thats the end of my numerous Now TV Boxes dotted around the house enabling Freeview via the internet – Thanks Ryan for while it lasted – I’ll suppose I’ll have to cable in the Aerial now and re-install all the old Freeview boxes I’ve got lying around somewhere . .

    . . . its also the end of Plex and USB File Playing sideloaded apps I had on some other Now TV Boxes . . its kind of messed up my whole House’s media capabilities!

  99. Just a question to the Roku users.

    I have a 10 Mbit ADSL connection which works perfectly with streaming on my laptop via wifi and on my PC via Lan cable.

    I have constant streaming problems ie. buffering on my Roku stick. I have checked the wireless connection via the secret wireless screen and the data rate is MCS-15 which I understand is good.

    I seldom get buffering on youtube but get constant buffering with Ryans app, the Filmon tv app and the XTV app. The common denominator to me is Filmon.

    Is anyone else having these problems?

    I am in South Africa

  100. Hi Selwyn,
    I didn’t have any buffering problems with Ryan’s app on now TV and i don’t on my rokus either. The official filmon app on rokus gives me no problems either.


  101. Oh oh this morning in USA on Roku and though I have reopened your Filmon several times only basic channels come on. Before Imhad to restart twice, maybe three times and they would all load, but not today. No BBC One, Two, etc. No ITV’s, no 4 or 5’s, just basic. Have version 2.0.10. As a side note, ChannelPear channels are working there, but I LOVE yours!!

  102. Hi Ryan! FYI, not getting the full channel lineup on Roku here in California. I have version 2.0.10, log code 11. I have restarted and updated a few times but to no avail. Thank you for all your hard work!

    1. FYI I lost BBC 1 a few days ago before the NowTV update and it came back a few hours later. Hopefully et a Roku stick soon so I can use again.

  103. Hi Ryan

    Some channels are missing such as Really, Pick, time etc.

    I have version Log Code:11

    I am using a Roku in South Africa

    Thanks for all you effort and help.

  104. Still off on the east coast of USA, I have 3 Roku’s
    stick and box 3 & 4….nothing but basic. Know you are
    working hard to find a fix.

    Do you have an App for iPad or computers?

  105. Hey Ryan, any update on the Now TV boxes ? Since the Update, obvs plex has been removed from sideloaded Apps. that’s all i ever use the NowTV boxes for around the house, do you think we’re screwed for good? no other way into developer mode? 🙁

  106. WOW, filmon has really changed today in the US. On my Roku I can only watch for 2 minutes and it cycles off, loading infinitum. On my computer, when I used to load up the TVGuide on FilmOn, I could watch easily, now it goes for 2 minutes and stops. Asks you to pay in pounds. Says you can watch “free”, but again will only let you watch 2 minutes and then it goes off. On my iPad FilmOn App (not yours) 2 minutes and off. Is there any magic out there, Ryan??

  107. I just tested my Roku and Ryan’s app here in the UK and I haven’t found a problem.
    Audrey can you check the about page in Ryan’s app and post the log code , this might help in finding the problem.
    It’s a bank holiday in the UK so there may be a delay in anyone responding, the weather’s not bad so many are out with children / grandchildren.


    1. I get 2 minutes no matter where I go – Ryan’s App, FilmOn App direct,
      frustrating of course.

      Version 2.0.11 Log Code 01

      Ryan’s the greatest!!

      1. This is a Filmon , thing they are changing to pay only . If you send them a request they will explain it . A very lot of users are getting this . I think the only option if you want to continue using Filmon is to pay for it .

  108. I watch FilmOnTv on a Roku 3 in the US. Starting 5/1 the stream has been interrupted and the message displayed on the screen is”Loading Channel X.” Only solution is to reload the channel which buys you another few minutes before the same annoying thing happens again, ad infinitum.

    At first I thought the problem was with my Internet signal but the problem only occurs when trying to stream FilmOnTv. But after learning of FilmOnTv’s rather “surprise” decision to start charging for the SD channel stream starting 5/1, I’m sure the problem is related to that. Problem is, it wouldn’t do me any good to purchase a subscription as their subsciption plans don’t have anything to do with Roku users.

    TV viewing in this house is almost exclusively content from FilmOnTv. Bummed out about this development doesn’t quite cover it. Any chance at all that Ryan can come up with a solution? Crossing my fingers…

  109. This morning I’ve tried BBC 1 on Ryan’s app on my Roku 3 in the UK, I’ve seen the dreaded loading BBC one a few times, I’ve also tested the official FOTV app which appears to be working ok.
    Those having problems outside the UK could try the official FOTV app.
    It’s not as good or easy to use as Ryan’s app but it’s working for me in the UK at the moment.


  110. I’m in the US and I am having trouble with Ryan’s app on Roku 2. It would list and play all the UK channels after I restart and update three times the Roku. After three minutes, I have to do the restart and update all over again because it freezes.

  111. Roku 3 box updated earlier today and I noticed there was an update included for FilmOnTV. Ever since then, ALL UK mainstream channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, etc) have disappeared from the program guide and are not accessible.

    Only thing is a bunch of kids’ channels, obscure channels from other countres, and a couple of sports channels.

    I’ve been limping along all week re-loading channels when they timed out — annoying, but at least I could watch. Was in the middle of a BBC program and now can’t get back in. 🙁

    Ryan, what happened to your app? Are you in the midst of making changes or did FilmOnTV somehow shut you out?

  112. Yesss!!! All fixed now!

    Ryan, I am assuming you did something and came up with a work around. If so, I could give you a great big hug and a kiss right now! 😉 Thank you! (Sent you a donation earlier this week to thank you for all you do…) 🙂

  113. ROku 3 – Canada: Read the recent messages – I no longer see BBC News – is this a permanent change or just me or something that is being “investigated?

  114. Hi.

    I keep getting “Error 19 can’t get epg data” or ” Unable to communicate with FilmOn servers (350)”

    Version: 2.1.5
    Log Code: 001

  115. Hi, Ryan
    I am in the US and watch FilmOn via a Roku 2 box and a Roku TV. On Friday, 12 May at approx. 9 a.m., both Roku devices stopped receiving all FilmOn programs for a few hours. By early afternoon yesterday, some FilmOn channels returned and some did not. By last night, all FilmOn channels we tried to watch worked, however, the programs would stop after 2 minutes. To continue viewing, we had to hit “exit” and press “ok” to resume watching for 2 minutes before the programs stopped again. Today, the FilmOn channels work, but stop after 2 minutes. Please advise if there is anything we need to do to resume watching. Thank you always for all the hard work & excellent app you have provided which is the best app on Roku!

  116. Hi, Ryan
    I am writing to update my previous post on 13 May at 10:15 p.m. We have been unable to watch any of the FilmOn channels except BBC1 since Monday, 15 May. When we watch BBC1, the feed lasts about 2-4 minutes, then shuts down. Please advise if there is anything we need to do to resume watching Filmon. Thank you.

  117. Many have donated and appreciated all that Ryan has done. Ryan has been “piggy-backing” FilmOn and they changed the way they do business. Not Ryan’s fault and no way to know this was going to happen. I’m sure Ryan has been working on something and coming up with no work around, or we all would have heard from him. Though I wish Ryan would enter a comment here. It was fun while it lasted, and Ryan worked hard to keep us all happy. My opinion.

  118. Rayan I’m looking for help in creating a basic m3u list player, where i can edit the links manually can your App be moded to load .m3u list through pastebin

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