NOWTV Dev Channel and FilmOn abroad

Couple of recent updates.

NOW TV have chosen to block the dev channel slot on their hardware. I respect their choice, but this does mean that the FilmOn app will be removed if you have it installed.
Several people have asked for a work around or suggestions, the answer is to get a full Roku.

Not only can you install the FilmOn app without the need for dev mode you also get Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I migrated from the NOW TV small black boxes to the Roku 2. Hardware wise they are identical. The only thing you’ll be missing from a NOW TV box is Sky Sports News HQ, Sky Sports Box Office and for some reason the BOX Plus.

Also yesterday I began getting reports of people outside the UK unable to watch the BBC channels. Took me a while to notice what was happening but a one character change by FilmOn caught me out. I’ve updated the source code, but need to upload it to my Roku box to compile which I can’t do until at least tomorrow. Hopefully I can role it out to everyone in the next few days.

Finally FilmOn emailed to say they are removing their affiliate program on the 1st May and that “all Web, Mobile and API affiliates will no longer be able to access the FilmOn content”. We’ll know more about what this means for my app closer to the time, but I’m hopefully there will still be a way around it.

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    The EPG time in your app seems a bit messed up since the clocks going forward this morning, the roku updated the time which appears correctly in the top right on the landing / EPG page but the times in the EPG listings are no longer correct.
    I’ve rebooted the app and the roku without any success.


  2. English channels should be available to those abroad again. The update (2.0.11) was pushed on Saturday afternoon and should have reached all the boxes by Sunday.

    I’ve also fixed the Daylight Saving Time issue via some server side code.

  3. Ryan
    Thanks for fixing the U.S. viewing thru Filmon. How can we get all eight of the uktv channels like Dave, Home, Quest. We only get Really. We would pay to get the other channels. Not sure if this is what you do.
    Bob K

  4. I have been using v2.0.10 of your app on the Telstra TV Roku in Australia.
    It works really well. Thank you for making it.
    I would like to try v2.0.11 but I need to side load it, so please can you share the zip file.

  5. FYI:

    English channels are now gone in the USA as of 04/01/17 and I have update (2.0.11) installed on my Roku 3


  6. Update from my last comment on 4/2/17:

    All English channels are now working again for me in the USA as of 4/3/17, hope it lasts.


  7. Like other Filmon apps on many different platforms it tends to freeze after a few minutes now.
    Probably this
    โ€œall Web, Mobile and API affiliates will no longer be able to access the FilmOn contentโ€.
    The official Roku version still seems to work though?

  8. It freezes up here in the states, and the only way to get it to play again is to go back arrow to the channel, then press OK to play it again. Is there going to be a workaround for this?

  9. Hi Ryan. The same is happening as the previous post (freezes-up). It happens to all the channels.
    Appreciate you developing and maintaining the app. Donated last month.

  10. I’ve managed to take a look at what’s going on. All streams (except for a couple of ones no one watches) are limited to 120 seconds with SD quality.
    Whilst their website will redirect at exactly 2 minutes, this is done by the browser, the actual streams seem to last a little longer but they are cut by the server.

    The app in it’s current state will allow anyone to login if they have a premium account, this should allow you to carry on watching for longer, but I understand why no one wants to pay for it.

    If I get more time I might try to see how the FilmOn app is lasting longer on the Roku box, or see how rubbish the experience is if the stream is auto restarted every two minutes, but for now there is no guaranteed way forward.

    1. Hi Ryan, Thanks for the info. I registered just now for a FilmOn Pro account. Still using your app ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Thanks for checking this out. I’m able to watch it for hours on end with a free account with the official app, (but no login needed). Logging in with a free account with your app doesn’t seem to help. ๐Ÿ™ It’s a shame, as I consider your app to be far superior to the “official” application.

  11. FilmOnTV. Ever since then, ALL UK mainstream channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, etc) have disappeared from the program guide and are not accessible.

    Only thing is a bunch of kids’ channels, obscure channels from other countres, and a couple of sports channels.

    I’ve been limping along all week re-loading channels when they timed out — annoying, but at least I could watch. Was in the middle of a BBC program and now can’t get back in. ๐Ÿ™

    Ryan, what happened to your app? Are you in the midst of making changes or did FilmOnTV somehow shut you out?

  12. Yesss!!! All fixed now!

    Ryan, I am assuming you did something and came up with a work around. If so, I could give you a great big hug and a kiss right now! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you! (Sent you a donation earlier this week to thank you for all you do…) ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. My Roku also updated. Saw a very quick message flash by, something like “unofficial FilmOn something or other”. All seems to be fine now – and I’m in the USA.

  14. all good in mainland europe (hungary), with all uk channels working. but i am using a smartdns service, so it might be due to that. my filmon sub expired, but i seem to be getting hq streams through both ryan’s app and “fotv” on roku 3. tvplayer works great too on roku, but it needs a vpn/smartdns. when it comes to user-friendly telly viewing, ryan’s filmon app wins hands down – not the official fotv, nor the new tvplayer has the feature to scroll through channels while watching a stream – instead, you have to exit every time you wanna change channel.

  15. For those who haven’t spotted, version 2.1.4 was pushed to the Roku private store yesterday morning and should by now be on all your boxes. This has worked around the 2 minute stream limit. 2.1.5 was just push now, it has no real changes other than some extra debugging to help me help you.

    If you find that the UK channels are missing could you please visit the About tab within the app and let me know the Log Code at the bottom.

    As mentioned before, I am no longer providing the ZIP files for sideloading. The main users, those in the UK with NOW TV boxes have (or will very shortly) had the developer mode restricted, and whilst I know that there are those in Germany, Italy and Australia using similar devices they are small in number compared to those using a full Roku box or Stick.
    If I release the ZIP file my source code is free to read by anyone, which makes it obvious which routes I’ve taken to get around some of the restrictions.

    Finally, you are welcome to donate however this should be for the work previously done, not for expect future development. It’s possible FilmOn could make more changes in the next few days that will make it impossible to work around.

      1. I know things are different from day to day .Yesterday Really was the only channel on their UK tv live channel nothing else. today when I loaded your app I got really on your app but would not load. then it went away. here in the US when I load your app I see no bbc then I reload and I see more .I understand your frustration with things changing daily, but I love your app.

  16. Hi everyone, I’m David and I’m from Spain.
    My 5y old daughter has been watching cbeebies since she born from Spain fist with SAT until UK decided reduce the beam and then using free filmon SD channel. Great channel for kids. Now she can’t see it and I read in this web that some one can continue seeing UK TV. Can you help me explaining to me what I need exactly to continue seeing UK tv (hard, soft, app)? Thanks

    1. Hi David,

      You need to buy a Roku, if they are not available in Spain you should be able to get one on eBay UK or Amazon UK for delivery to Spain.
      Once you have the roku you will need to set up a Roku account ,it’s free and you can skip credit card set up .
      Once the account is set up plug in the roku select language and follow the steps, the roku will give a link up code that you enter into your Roku account and you are almost done.
      Go to the channel store and in the tv section find FOTV and download it.
      If you go back to the pc to your Roku account you can find add private channel and enter code
      This will send the unofficial filmon app to your Roku.

      With all this done you will have both the official and non official filmon apps on your Roku and your daughter can watch cbeebies.
      Once set up the roku is very easy to use.

      Good luck,

  17. Hi Guys
    Today the official FOTV app is asking for a subscription and timing out after 120 seconds and Ryan’s app is timing out at around 4 mins.
    If you are in the UK or have a VPN the TV Player app is working, but is not as good as Ryan’s app to use.


  18. I also cannot use your application, (or the official one), at the moment. Imgur is down, but it seems that the internet is slowly dying. “unable to fetch OOG data” is the error code. Even routing through the UK doesn’t help.

  19. I live in the US and am using a Roku 3. For probably the last couple of weeks I can’t watch anything on the app without it freezing after a few minutes. I am using version 2.1.5 of Ryan’s app and the Log Code is 106. Thanks for your help Ryan.

    1. Yes, but it requires a Plex server. I’ve managed to get the full Sky Atlantic lineup. I run my own Plex server, so I exchanged with my info with somebody on FB called “just friends” on plex. You’ll get full access to UK TV, (cable channels too), if you do this

      1. Thanks, ideally Roku however I downloaded Plex and searched justfriends but nothing happened? That being said I haven’t used Plex before!

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