Monthly Archives: September 2004

Conference Review

Here’s my round up of Conference

Best Stall: The BBC, was able to catch up with the News without going too far.

Worst Stall: Liverpool 2008, after a while the Beatles tribute band got a bit repetitive.

Best Freebie: The “I’m a Political Anorak” anorak from the Electroal Commission. Especially being one of the first people to get my hands on one.

Best Fringe: The private BBC do, with “The Now Show”. I got to speak to Mitch Benn for ages.

Hero of Conference: Ming, his Independent Q&A session was great.

Time to throw Italy out of UEFA games?

Lasts nights game between Roma and Dynamo Kiev, saw something disgusting, from both Roma players and fans.

Mexes was sent off for kicking Maris Verpakovskis, after the half time whistle, but a Roma fan felt he needed to throw what looked like a coin at the referee Anders Frisk. It hit him right on the head, causing bleeding, and he was unable to finish refereeing the game, so the match was abandoned.

UEFA will now decide what to do, but if this had happened in England, we would all be kicked out of European games straight away. But it wasn’t, it was Italy, so we’ll probably see a small fine, and a ban on “home” fixtures at Roma. Even though two years ago, there were massive troubles when they played Galatasaray, involving players, officials and riot police, I’m sure they’ll get away with it again this time.

Hitler Banned Hunting

Hmmm, the twats were in town today. Helicopter above work, stupid horn sounds, and the fact that I couldn’t walk to and from the tube.

However on the way home I saw this sign, and thought wtf.

Twats with Hitler Banned Hunting Sign

Hopefully, we will finally see a ban. People who moan that Labour have the wrong priorities, seem to forgot that they keep trying to pass this bill (or something similar), yet time after time (five I’ve just heard on Newsnight) the Lords block it. If the Lords let it through, Parliament could be debating something better.

Might rant again tomorrow…

More Number Plate Spotting

Having got stuck on 17 for a few days, I was getting rather worried that I might not find one. Other plates were mocking me. I saw two number 20’s passing each other, an 18 in the Sainsburys car park, a 19 on the route home.
Then walking back to Westminster Tube, I saw a several 18, all teasing me, but just as I crossed the lights at Bridge Street, then I saw it, the 17 I was looking for. I almost missed it, because the checky devils had arranged it like H1 7ABC (letters have been changed), then as I looked across the road, one of the 18’s went passed me again, but this time I could count it. Two in two seconds, I was back on track. Then on the way home I tried my luck with the 19 I had seen parked up on someones driveway. And yes, it was there too. 3 in one hour!
After my slow start, I getting my plates/day ratio towards the 1 mark.

Finally, after being a bit bored today, I played about with my graph script and have now created this one:
CNPS Graph