Time to throw Italy out of UEFA games?

Lasts nights game between Roma and Dynamo Kiev, saw something disgusting, from both Roma players and fans.

Mexes was sent off for kicking Maris Verpakovskis, after the half time whistle, but a Roma fan felt he needed to throw what looked like a coin at the referee Anders Frisk. It hit him right on the head, causing bleeding, and he was unable to finish refereeing the game, so the match was abandoned.

UEFA will now decide what to do, but if this had happened in England, we would all be kicked out of European games straight away. But it wasn’t, it was Italy, so we’ll probably see a small fine, and a ban on “home” fixtures at Roma. Even though two years ago, there were massive troubles when they played Galatasaray, involving players, officials and riot police, I’m sure they’ll get away with it again this time.

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