More Number Plate Spotting

Having got stuck on 17 for a few days, I was getting rather worried that I might not find one. Other plates were mocking me. I saw two number 20’s passing each other, an 18 in the Sainsburys car park, a 19 on the route home.
Then walking back to Westminster Tube, I saw a several 18, all teasing me, but just as I crossed the lights at Bridge Street, then I saw it, the 17 I was looking for. I almost missed it, because the checky devils had arranged it like H1 7ABC (letters have been changed), then as I looked across the road, one of the 18’s went passed me again, but this time I could count it. Two in two seconds, I was back on track. Then on the way home I tried my luck with the 19 I had seen parked up on someones driveway. And yes, it was there too. 3 in one hour!
After my slow start, I getting my plates/day ratio towards the 1 mark.

Finally, after being a bit bored today, I played about with my graph script and have now created this one:
CNPS Graph

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