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These people (or someone like them) were outside Parliament again. They turn up every 3 months or so, but I was wondering, why would anybody be that bothered about Fluoridation of water. I can understand the twats tomorrow, or the anti-war people, but Fluoride.

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  1. Look at what the EPA scientists have to say about fluoridation, at http://www.epascientist.org. Also see Chris Bryson’s book, the Fluoride Deception. They are not just protesting dentists – fluoride proponents are quieter and much more powerful than the dentists they’ve got shilling for them. This is as much about OSHA protection for workers handiling fluorine and serious environmental damage with health effects, that are defended in court by smiling defense attorneys holding a tube of harmless toothpaste.

  2. The fluoride the proponents wish to add is aggresivly toxic and is a waste product from a variety of industries. It has a synergistic relationship with other chemicals and reactions. . Anything that requires protective clothing and evacuation of the public if it leaks has no place in our drinking water. Its now linked with a wide variety of illnesses and putting it in our water is medically unethical and socially and politically unacceptable.

  3. The fluoride added to water is fluorosilicic acid – toxic waste from phosphate fertilizer factory chimney scrubbers. It’s more poisonous than lead & only slightly less so than arsenic.
    Once added to water it will be in all food & drinks made with water. A very good reason to protest!

  4. Ok stop. please listen to yourselfs guys. if fluoride was really this deadly we would all be dead a very long time ago. Also, just because a substance is deadly in large doses doesnt tell you that small doses will have the same effect. Asprin can kill in large quantities and i am sure people who manfacture it wear plenty of protection equipment. However, asprin is mostly harmless in small portions. Besides this we allready add substances into our water supply, such as cholrine (sound familar?) Cholrine can be made into a toxic gas, and will cause vomiting and partially blindness in large doses, but we still add it to your water supply. there are many good arguments/studies to not put flouride into our water supply; sadly no one here has mentioned one.

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