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Thank you

Yesterday afternoon I had to make a big decision. Whether it was finally time to stop working on LibDemBlogs. Attempting to read over 200 blogs every 30 minutes, every day was causing a massive strain on my shared server. I had already received some polite but threatening emails from my hosting company and knew without moving packages to at least a VPS it would continue. The problem being my bank account currently has no cash and the £300 upgrade fee it’s exactly small change. As my server also hosts a couple of local party sites, my blog, LibDig and some other random stuff, I decided that to keep those up and running I could no longer run the cron tab which updated LibDemBlogs in the background.
So I posted a message on LibDemBlogs informing people of what was happening, and asked for donations to get the site running again. In the last 12 hours I have already received 29 donation and three requests for my details to send a cheque (payable to Ryan Cullen, posted to 27 Gibbeson Street, Lincoln, LN5 8JP).
I have now received enough money to pay the upfront costs to host LibDemBlogs for a year and am waiting for the new server to be configured. Once this is done I can start the process of transferring all the files from the old machine to the new one. I hope to get most of this done over the bank holiday weekend.
The last step will be waiting for the DNS servers to update across the internet pointing everyone to the new site.
For the time being I will be making manual updates to LibDemBlogs through out the day.


LibDemBlogs Number Crunching (2007)

With LibDemBlogs now in it’s forth year, I thought I would display some stats.

We started the year displaying 108 bloggers, and today we have 168.

The most popular blogs were:

  1. Liberal Democrat Voice (5,284)
  2. James Graham (1,523)
  3. Jonathan Calder (1,410)
  4. Jonathan Wallace (1,364)
  5. Paul Walter (1,136)
  6. Nich Starling (977)
  7. Linda Jack (749)
  8. Duncan Borrowman (741)
  9. Jonathan Fryer (644)
  10. Andy Mayer (573)

Most popular posts:

  1. Sajjad Karim defects to Tories (124) – LibDemVoice
  2. Team Clegg: in full scale meltdown? (110) – James Graham
  3. Is Sajjid Karim as big a scumbag as he is being made out to be? (108) – Nich Starling
  4. The verdict on Huhne and Clegg’s fuzzy polls (106) – James Graham
  5. Lib Dem leadership update (100) – Steve Webb
  6. Take it down, Chris (99) – James Graham
  7. Nick Clegg up close (98) – Paul Walter
  8. Shock candidate for Lib Dem leader (97) – Jonathan Calder
  9. A new banner for Team Huhne (97) – Nich Starling
  10. Huhne’s campaign turns negative (96) – Anders Hanson

The most popular days to blog:

  1. 18th December (136) – Clegg wins, Steve Webb not real
  2. 15th October (102) – Ming quits
  3. 18th November (102) – Calamity Clegg-gate
  4. 20th November (102) – Some disks go missing
  5. 26th November (101) – Saj Karim defects

Days which had high posts to blogs ratios:

  1. 18th December (0.8395) – Clegg wins
  2. 10th May (0.7500) – Blair finally goes
  3. 24th January (0.7170) – Campbell “Troops home by October”
  4. 15th October (0.7034) – Ming quits
  5. 21st March (0.6967) – Browns last budget

The quietest days:

  1. 25th December (20) – See, even bloggers have lives
  2. 26th December (20)
  3. 2nd June (23)
  4. 8th April (24)
  5. 25th August (24)


  1. Internet Explorer – 68.50%
  2. Firefox – 24.35%
  3. Safari – 3.85%
  4. Opera -2.20%
  5. Mozilla – 0.66%

Page stats:

  • Visits: 148,760
  • Unique Visitors: 25,591
  • Page Views: 310,321
  • New visits: 16.78%
  • Visits to the mobile version of the site: 4,267 (1.38%)

Whilst most of the search referalls were variations of Lib/Liberal/Dem/Democrats/Blogs some which caught my eye were

Some caveats, only the most recent 10 posts per blogger are shown on LibDemBlogs, so some archive pages might not contain all the posts on that day. The most popular blog is counted by the number of click-throughs to the main URL of a blog, it is excluding all links direct to blog posts. The most popular posts only count those clicked directly on the title of the post on LibDemBlogs, excluded is any links followed via the RSS feed, or people who clicked on the authors name.

Happy 2008!