Yellow light on a Krups Piccolo Dolce Gusto machine

If you’ve noticed that the green ready light has now turned yellow your machine is telling you it needs descaling.

The machine does this based on the number of runs it’s been through and not how blocked it might be, so you can reset the light back to green by running through the service settings but without the descaler if you wish.

Just hold the power button down for 5 seconds until the light begins to flash, run through a cup of hot water, than a cup of cold water, then turn it off. The light should now be green next time you use it.

If you do want to perform a real clean of the machine, steps on what to do can be seen in this official video.

27 thoughts on “Yellow light on a Krups Piccolo Dolce Gusto machine

  1. Was in a panic when the amber light 💡 came on got my wife one of these coffee machines as a present 🎁 she loves her coffee thought 💭 I had broke it she never needs to know until next time and she thinks she has broken it and I come to the rescue (my hero) lol

  2. This hasnt worked for me.I descaled my machine and done it as per instructions with timing correct. Then followed this guide. No luck at all the amber light just wont go away.

      1. I phoned the supplier up and a support assistant helped me.
        When turning on keep the button pressed in and connect power(power on) when the button flashes green give it quick press.
        It should now go green and be steady green.
        You might have to turn machine off/on again , but once it became steady green it was fine.

  3. Hi there. I have a DG Oblo. On turning on the machine a red light comes on for a second or two, then flashes yellow for about 30 seconds, then a permanent red light. Can’t get the machine to operate because of the permanent red light. Any ideas? Does the red light means the machine is completely shot?

      1. Have a look in your machine’s box for the manual (or you can Google it- the manual is also available online). See the descale section and follow the instructions.


      1. Had a same problem. Even changed control board.
        problem was a film on the power switch button that slid to the side. I put this film to original place and secured with adhesive tape.
        Everything now is work.

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