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I’ve not reviewed either my Nexus or any apps for it, but I’ve found Wordfeud to be an exception.

It’s a Scrabble clone for Android phones and it’s really good.
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It allows you to play at your leisure against one opponent per board, with 20 boards at any one time.

The GUI is nice and clean and I don’t have a problem with the adverts.

It’s still an early version so there are some issues, the biggest one being that it needs to run the game via a server, and as popularity grows the server crashes. It’s similar to what happened early on with Wordscrapper on Facebook.

What I hope to see in future versions:

  • Play against 2, 3 or 4 opponents
  • Add a TWL dictionary for the Americans who keep complaining about it having illegal words which are fine in SOWPODS
  • Allow users to shuffle their tiles whilst waiting for their turn
  • Customer alert sounds and trackball colour
  • Custom friends list

There are people who are complaining about the adverts, these appear straight after you make a move. I’m more than happy with this as it keeps the game free and means I don’t have adverts on the screen whilst looking at the board. People asking for a “Pro” version need to make sure that they will be fine if the backend servers go down after they have handed over money. Whilst it is still having outages I would suggest holding off releasing an ad-free version.

A quick tip is to go into Settings (click the menu button from the main screen) and activate background notifications. This way you’ll be notified whenever it’s your turn to make a move.

If you’ve got an Android phone, download it today

Reading this on your mobile download it in the Market now.

If you fancy a game I’m artesea

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