SCAM – 08000988470

Looks like Itezy have changed their name / using another one, however the scam is still the same as I exposed a couple of months ago.
They call saying they are offering free support. Take control of your computer, then state it is infected and charge you through the nose to get the “viruses” removed.
Keep well clear of them.

Thanks to John Ingle in the last post for the tip-off.

ps, looks like they are comment spamming over the internet trying to boost up their page rankings / dropping the negative articles. If you run a website where they have left their crap I suggest either a) deleting it, or b) let your reader know what a bunch of scum bags these people are.

7 thoughts on “SCAM – 08000988470

  1. I was caught! Slightly new slant, was promised IT support for a year with AVG licence up to 2018 thrown in. Paid by Paypal so hope I get £69.99 back.

  2. Just recieved a phone call at home from an agent claiming to
    offer help with fault reports that my system automatically sent to microsoft, then proceeded to ask me to download and run showmypc3010 exe program which is a remote software. thank god my girlfriend had a gut feeling or they could’ve had control over all our details! Made an excuse decided to check them out first. good job I did!!!!! Beware ITStrong = Badnews…

  3. Just had these guys on the phone so would see where it went. Told me to run CMD and do chkdsk, when i got a warning about F par they told me i had a virus. Then told me to check system logs and as i had a warning it confirmed it was a virus and i needed there help and software. I then explained that he was talking crap and that i was Microsoft certified and that he was trying to con me. After that he hung up on me.

    PLEASE stay clear

  4. yes i got scammed and if anybody knows were these people are just let me know as my friend and i would dearly love to talk to them.i will not write anything rude as i would rather talk to them face to face.

  5. Paypal Resolution Failed!!
    Claimed the money back from Paypal, but they refused as it wasn’t ‘Tangible Goods’ Complained that it was only the fact that they they had a Paypal account that they were trusted… Waste of time and money all round! Disappointed with Paypal…

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