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I’ve finally got my computer up in Lincoln, and whilst waiting for broadband to arrive, I’m using GPRS via my mobile to connect to the internet.

It’s pretty fast (115.2Kbps it claims), but the only problem is that o2 compress the images before they arrive. To get them to appear properly I need to hover over the images and then press Shift+R.

Below is an example of what I see:

Low Quality High Quality

Images copied from the BBC

4 thoughts on “Internet via the mobile

  1. I get the same thing – so your examples look even worse to me :-). I also suffer from the connection hanging up every now and again but I don’t know if it’s the GPRS or a problem on my laptop’s side.

    How’s your chip and pin, sorry lip and chin?

  2. I recently got a Treo exactly for this purpose (emergency internet and email from anywhere).

    With the standard software, the camera phone on the Treo defaults to an extremely high amount of compression but there is 3rd party hack that allows you to capture and send images at much lower compression rates which give a much nicer picture.

    I don’t have the problem that you’re having with the carrier compressing images before it reaches the phone though (everything comes over uncompressed).

    I do use a 3rd party service that compresses images and webpages for faster downloading though when I don’t have the time for the full uncompressed pages.

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