Drinks Promotions

Several reports in the papers about Labours plans to scrap happy hour, but what I want to know is how far do they plan to go with banning drinks promotions.

Personally I believe in a free market for both Tobacco and Alcohol sales, I would allow both manufactures and retailers to price the product and promote it according to the market (although banning any advertisements to those under the current legal age).

What the government have done to Tobacco and what they plan to do to Alcohol is a disgrace.

I can understand the worries about happy hour, with 18-21 year olds get tanked up in an hour, but if a bar needs to raise it income during the more empty hours of 6-7, then why can’t it apply a drinks promotion.

Will we also see the banning of 2 for 1, or even a £1 a pint? Is 3 for 2 ok? What about 50p off? 10p?

Or will pub, bars and off-licenses only be able to sell drinks at the manufactures advised price. Thus removing all competition in the market, but ensuring that those young kids aren’t encouraged to buy more drinks than they can handle?

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