Westminster protests to be banned

Hmm, working in Westminster for the last two years, my view on the actions of Brian Haw have changed.
I have no problem with people protesting in Parliament Square, whether they be Anti-War, Pro Fox Hunting, Women’s Global Strike, Anti-Fees.
However I believe that Brian Haw is slightly different.
Firstly, Westminster City Council are always cracking down on people sleeping rough, including those behind Army & Navy on Victoria Street, so how Brian Haw is different I don’t know.
Secondly, if I was to hold a demonstration outside Westminster, and then leave my placards behind, I would expect Westminster City Council to remove them, but again it’s different for Brian Haw. How signs and placards which litter Parliament Square can be seen as “his property” I’m not sure.
I believe that he has to go, although I have no problems with him catching the bus everyday to Parliament Square, to stand out side and to shout through his megaphone, whilst holding his placard, but any more signs and the sleeping rough must stop.

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