A decade of winning (and losing)

With the Lottery celebrating 10 years, I did a quick bit of research into the numbers that I play with every draw.

Now whilst I haven’t been playing the lottery for the whole 10 years (as that would have been illegal), when the mid-week draw came out, I started playing with my Mum’s numbers, as she didn’t want to, and when she stopped playing the Saturday draw, I did that too.

Since the start there have been 929 draws, that means that we’ve parted with £9,29, and we’ve won a prize 21 times, above the average of 1 in 54, but only a total of £210 in cash. Therefore over the last 10 years we are down £7,19.

Of those 21 wins some are memorable. 4 wins since January this year :), no wins for 15 months between August 98 and December 99, and the birthday win in 2002.

With the odds of getting four numbers being 1 in 1033, I should be seeing a prize bigger than £10 in the next year, and I wouldn’t mind if it was more than a few grand.

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