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Donut Flavoured Skips?

An argument in our office this week broke out. Simon claimed that he once had Doughnut Flavoured Skips. The whole team really didn’t believe him. Google searches found a couple of people claiming to remember them but nothing concrete. So I emailed United Biscuits (owners of KP) and got back this reply:

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for contacting us concerning Donut flavoured KP Skips. We can confirm that we did produce these and that they were discontinued quite a few years ago and are unlikely to be manufactured again.

Before any product reaches the shelves, extensive and costly product development and research is undertaken. Only a small percentage of new product concepts reach the retail outlet and even then, products may easily fail to gain the necessary appeal. Sadly, therefore, some products are removed from sale after only a seemingly short time.

However, a longer manufactured product may also be discontinued due to a falling off of popularity, resulting in it no longer being a viable product to produce.

Kind regards,
Consumer Services Co-ordinator.

But this wasn’t enough for us, so I asked if they had any images and they came back with this photocopy found in the cupboard.

Donut Skips

Which meant that Simon was right all along.