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Best of both worlds

One of the best things about the flat that I’ve rented in Brighton is that we have a TV with a Freeview box.
This means that not only do I get to go to all the fringes and get the free food, meet up with my friends and gather a large collection of pens, I also get to lie on the sofa and watch the Conference hall on BBC Parliament when I’m tired.

Thank you and goodbye

Polling StationI would like to thank those who elected me last year, and voted for me this year. However with the boundary changes and all-ups unfortunately both Heather and myself are no longer the councillors for Park Ward. The Liberal Democrats did avoid a complete wipe out with Helen Heath taking one of the Labour seats in Carholme Ward.
The Tories did what they promised all year and took control of the council from Labour with 17 councillors (up 6). There was bad luck for Claire Metcalfe (Con) who got elected with me last year, she came 4th in Glebe, losing out to her 18 year old daughter Charlotte (Con) who came 1st and I wish Sandra Gratrick (Con) the best of luck next year having to stand for the third year in a row even though she’s been elected twice.
This years other losers were: Steve Allnutt (Lab); Lesley Rose (Lab); Larry Wells (Lab); Morris Cookson (Lab) and Geoff Ellis (Lab)

May Elections

Well the papers are in and have been verified, and assuming I don’t pull out I’ll be facing re-election for Park Ward this May. Due to us having boundary changes I only got one year as being a councillor, and there is the possibility that if I get the 3rd largest vote I’ll be up again next year! Good luck to all the other LibDems from across the country, including my better half Heather Quinton, who will be joining me in defending Park with our good friend Stephen Morgan.

Libdems and Goldfish

GoldfishA quick search on Google shows a lot of results for Libdems Goldfish, mostly linking to people commenting on blogs about a policy passed back in 2003 (I believe).
More suprising was that these comments are still apearing, even after the Pet welfare act was passed, and today becomes law.

Under the act the minimum age for buying a pet will rise from 12 to 16 and under-16s will not be allowed to win a pet as a prize.

Which was what we were saying all along, wasn’t it?

LibDem Conference at Fantasy Island?

Skegness is SO BracingHaving read my Reports to Conference I noticed that we’ve yet to confirm that we’ll be going to Harrogate again in 2008. Then on the BBC Lincolnshire website I saw this story: Theme park to get concert venue and text of the story says

Conduit Leisure said it will add a 6,000-seat indoor arena to the Fantasy Island complex at Ingoldmelds… The indoor arena would be able to host concerts and conventions.

Everyone could then enjoy the fun of Ingoldmelds and Skegness.

Perplex City

Truthly I’ve never heard of this before, however £100,000 has just be won in a cryptic treasure hunt.
What caught my eye was the winner is Andy Darley, a name which rang a bell. Now whilst I can’t confirm that it is the same one, his site does have Perplex City ads and used to run a Perplex City Card Swap.
If it is the same one, well done!
Two more seconds of detective work pretty much confirm that it is the same one, as the winners username is astro_random, which matches that of one on Andy’s website.