Lincs FM goes digital (part 2)

So only 7 and a half years after I first blogged about Lincs FM and MuxCo getting the Lincolnshire DAB license we finally have it.

Although from the list of 7 stations, only two are available (Lincs FM and Compass) along with BBC Radio Lincolnshire who had to be included.

The really good news though is that the local relay in Lincoln has been switched on allowing me to get the commercial and BBC national DAB multiplexes at full signal strength. In the past I’d need to perform a circus act to get any of the BBC stations, and Absolute Radio could be listened to as long as you had the aerial at full stretch in the master bedroom, on a high shelf and no one in the room moved.

Hopefully with Ofcom testing more local stations on DAB we might get some more of the city/town radio stations from the region also coming on in the near future.

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