Baby Baavet

A few months ago I was kindly sent a review copy of a Baby Baavet. I promised at the time I would write a review, but work and Beatie have resulted in personal time at the computer has becoming rare.

Baavet Logo

A Baavet is made of pure wool, instead of feathers (ouch) or polyester and promises to regulate body temperature and is dust mite resistant.

The Baby Baavet is used as a cot topper, and unsurprisingly goes on top of the cot mattress.

Baavet Topper

In our Ikea cot it is slightly larger than the mattress, but then it does allow us to tuck it down the sides.

So far Beatie is happy to either lie on it,


or even jump around.


Initially it appeared to help her sleep, however whilst I would love to say that she is still sleeping through it would be a very tired lie.

If we had the money I’d be tempted to get a full size topper and Baavet for my own bed, but for now I have to make do with catching a quick nap with my head on Beatrice’s bed instead.

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