Print job stuck in Windows 7?

Having finally installed iOS4.1 on Heathers phone, I managed to get the AirPrint installed (hacked) on to my Windows 7 machine.
Several test prints worked fine, but then when Heather gave it a go nothing came out.
Looking at the print queue I could see the incomplete job “printing”, but attempt to cancel or delete did nothing. With this item at the top nothing else would print.
Turning the printer off for a few minutes did nothing, nor did rebooting the PC.
So in the end with a bit of Google this was the solution:

In Control Panel open “Administrative Tools” (might be in “System and Maintenance”). From here double click on “Services”. Scroll down until you see “Print Spooler”, right click and select “Restart”.

Services Window

Wait a minute or two and your print queue should now have finally deleted the job.

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