EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 LibDemBlogs of June

Following on from Charlotte’s post here on her views from the Wikio stats, I’ve gone through MyBlogLog and extracted the top 10 LibDemBlogs based on click throughs.

There are some major caveats in the stats:
a) these are clicks from LibDemBlogs.co.uk, this doesn’t include people who use the RSS feed, those who have sites in their own RSS feed readers/aggregators, sites which are accessed via bookmarks or those linked from other bloggers.
b) I only checked the “top” 50 blogs, as the current method needs me to enter each url in to the MyBlogLog one by one, and wait for the results. This means that a long tail blog could have been missed.
c) Those who post lots will have more clicks to their sites, this doesn’t mean that they are more popular.

1st Liberal Democrat Voice
2nd Liberal Vision
3rd Nich Starling
4th Himmelgarten Café
5th Liberal England
6th Liberal Burblings
7th Irfan Ahmed’s Blog
8th Liberal Bureaucracy
9th Mark Reckons
10th Liberal Revolution

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 LibDemBlogs of June

  1. That’s very interesting, especially Liberal Vision coming 2nd. I did actually wonder whether or not you might be able to count links to other lib dem blogs in the feeds as you’re scraping them – you know, using the same metric that Wikio uses, except just what lib dem bloggers are linking to – probably not a quick job though!

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