Why I won’t be going back to Kwik Fit

Yesterday whilst driving around town my brakes started playing up.
So I drove straight to the nearest garage which was open on a Sunday, the KwitFit on Newark Road.
I arrived just after 3 and the sign on the wall said they closed at 4.
Speaking to the man inside the conversation went something like this.

Me: I think my brakes are faulty.
KF: What’s the problem?
Me: The brake peddle is different and the handbrake is going up much higher?
KF: Hmmm… problem is I close in 25 minutes and if I take the brake pads off and they fall apart….
Me: I’m in no rush, don’t really fancy driving the car.
KF: You can bring it in tomorrow, we open at 8.30
(I start work at 8am)
Me: Any chance I can just leave the car here.
KF: Hmmm…. Insurance… Already have some cars… Hmmmm…… You “could” leave it outside (looks suggest that this isn’t actually an option).
Me: Well I really don’t want to be driving tomorrow morning, the forcast isn’t great for driving.
KF: (more looks)

In the end I drove home, and parked the car, at which point the brakes just gave up.
With customer service like this I’m not going anywhere near Kwit-Fit again.

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