Ryan’s Nana Picture Quiz of 2008

For many years at Christmas Mum’s side of the family would get together and in the evening we would play Nana’s Picture Quiz of the Year. It would take hours as we only had one copy of each page and it had to be shared around. By the end of the night if any of the teams had achieved 80% they did well.

This year, I’ve decided to do the quiz and have made a nice PDF version which you can either print out or just view on your PC.

There are 50 “celebrities” to be named and unless asked otherwise you are to give the full name of the main person in the picture, not their character name.

If you want to be scored, please complete your answers in an email to quiz@artesea.co.uk (please don’t leave answers in the comments!), with the picture number and the name eg
1. Michael Jackson
2. George Bush
50. Wayne Rooney
Winners and all the answers will be announced after Christmas


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