Goodbye Haloscan

When I first started blogging I used Haloscan to manage my comments instead of Blogger. This was because Blogger had only just introduced comments and Haloscan had a ton of features.
After a while I discovered that I was helping out a lot on the forum, and soon after I became a moderator and got a free premium account.
When I finally moved from Blogger to WordPress I decided to stay with Haloscan for the comments, however today I finally moved on.
There are several reasons. Haloscan was “sold” sometime ago, and the new owners just weren’t the same as Jeevan. I’ve also been running LibDemVoice and noticed that the built in WordPress comment system isn’t too bad (although still more spam than Haloscan which was around 0.001%). And with WP2.7 around the corner I might even play about with having threaded comments.

It’s been a good four years and I wish the new owners the best with running the site.

One thought on “Goodbye Haloscan

  1. Did Jeevan slip you any of that JS-Kit money? 😉

    I just wanted to thank you again for helping me customize my Haloscan template. Looks like its fixin’ to be forcefully converted to a generic JS-Kit Template soon.

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