New Gmail Problems

Gmail LogoIt’s seems that Gmail has gone through some small changes, extra divs showing background ajax commands, my email address inside the <title> tags, whilst writing emails the Firefox status/loading bar flashes like a disco and some other stuff.
I know it’s changed as I’ve got an Older Version link, however on the What’s New page I can’t see anything and the same goes for the blog.
The problem, I’ve now had Firefox crash on my three times (over two machines) when I’ve clicked on the Spam link (not everytime), and for some reason it doesn’t want to remember that I don’t want this new version. I can’t see anything great about it, and whilst they don’t want to tell me whats new why would I.
Maybe it’s time to downgrade to a UK version?

5 thoughts on “New Gmail Problems

  1. As my browser crashed whilst sending a post and on the laptop firefox crashed whilst doing nothing, I’ve changed my language to English (UK), just need to remember that it’s Deleted Items and not Trash now.

  2. same problems here, when I try to reply on an e-mail just nothing happens, when I go back to the inbox it asks if I’m sure and that the message will not be send 🙁

    why change anything that isn’t broken 🙁

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