Fopp closes :(

fopp The BBC is reporting that Fopp has closed. Unfortunatly I could see this on the cards when they purchased the failed Music Zone, who had original grown by buying the failed MVC.
The orginal Fopp in Leamington was great, although maybe not buying much from there 7 years ago might be the reason why it’s gone.

3 thoughts on “Fopp closes :(

  1. yes … as far as im concerend its a tragedy that fopp has closed. most of the odder music ive come across in the last ten years ive come across at fopp. whether or not they had become (as apparently they had) the third largest music retailer in the UK, they were still dedicated to the fringes of the market, as well as the back catalogue in decent detail. THEY WERE GREAT! so unlike hmv and virgin, who only provide (for instance) REM’s albums in their entirety … FOPP always had eighty percent of the pixies releases in stock, always had odd new bits of techno, funny little italian re-releases of weather report, chunky new stuff by blonde redhead .. as well as purely local releases (I live in glasgow and recently bought one of a limited release by a local band called l casei immunitas at fopp.) This just isn;t the kind of service that a virgin can even think of providing … damn!

  2. they treated their staff badly
    unreasonable but i guess had to be done so they could be profitable for a bit and the boss’ could go to the bahammas or something
    glad they had their come upance
    sorry for unpaid workers but i think they got too big for their boots

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