Bloke and Bird split up

A Bloke and A BirdMy morning routine generally involves a quick look at my phone to flick through the overnight emails and a read through the BBC News stories.
This allows me to work out if there might be anything exciting on the morning news.
At 7am today, it looked like the headlines would most likely be about the Bourbon Dolphin, so I stayed in bed for a bit.
Getting down for about 7.45 I put on BBC Breakfast and watched Newswatch. It was then followed by the headlines. The top story, Young Unmarried Couple Split Up, looking at my phone, I was sent the story via Breaking News by 7.15.
If that wasn’t bad enough I went to the gym which had the same story on loop.
Finally getting home I put on Radio 4 and listened again to the Now Show. Then proper news came on, none of this magazine style BBC One type news. But guess what was the top story, 47 dead in Iraq? Nope, that couple again.
Please BBC, if I see this as the lead story by 22.10 tonight I want my license fee back!

2 thoughts on “Bloke and Bird split up

  1. Absolutely. I assumed initially they must’ve got engaged because she was being talked about on TV so much, but quite the opposite. I don’t see that there’s any need to dwell on it – she’s not going to be a future queen, end of.

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