Young binge drinkers

Bombardier Bottle As the government launches it’s new TV adverts, the press are quoting these figures

Latest government figures show that young people are more likely than any other age group to drink heavily [binge drink]. Among 16- to 24-year-olds in England, 33% of men drank more than eight units on at least one day a week and 24% of women drank more than six units on at least one day.

Source: Guardian
Now I can’t believe these figures. Are they really saying that two-thirds of young men don’t drink 3-4 pints in a night at least once a week? I had a look at a bottle of Bombardier this morning and it contains 3 units of alcohol. Which means as I’m just finishing off the third bottle I become a binge drinker.
Only recently was I asked how much I had drunk. It was two pints (4.544 units) and three large Baileys (3.57 units), therefore making it a binge. However I had started at 6pm having a pint with my dinner and was asked at 2am in the morning.
I think the definition is just too low, I always believed that someone who binged was drinking nearer 6 pints in a night if not 8. Maybe someone from the health profession can correct me.

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