Spam or mistaken identity?

Just got this addressed to my Gmail account

Subject: you
is there something you need? apparently you keep going through carol and my dad to get a point across. let me tell you something-I think we are a little to old to be running to someones daddy and telling on them when you have a problem. if you need something and you cant get a hold of tristan talk to me. you have my email address and i know you could have contacted me. but lets be mature about this. honestly, i dont even know whats going on and tristan isnt here but im sure it can be handled maturely and civilly. Tristan’s cell phone doesnt work half the time and that could be why your having problems getting in touch with him. Im gonna end this with a little word of encouragement-not all of us run to mommy and daddy every time we have a boo boo. maybe you should learn to do the same.


Should I reply..?

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