YouGovFree money? I’ve been doing it for ages and have just reached the £20 mark. However compared to other survey site you do seem to earn more.
If only the Brand Index surveys weren’t so boring, they just seem to go on and on, and seem to be about the same companies every month. However at the end you do get to give negative points to Tony Blair and get 50p for the hassle.

4 thoughts on “YouGov

  1. They really are a pain, aren’t they?

    I can’t remember when I started – around 1999/2000, I think. I’m around £35, but got my first £50 cheque several years ago.

  2. I began in 2004, however you must have started in 2000

    Founded in May 2000, YouGov is a professional market research agency pioneering the use of the Internet and information technology to collect higher-quality in-depth data for market research and public consultation.

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