Pirates, The Devil, Fast Cars and the Holy Grail

PiratesYesterday twelve of us went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. The film is a great action movie, with amazing CGI and stunts. The only problem, the film never ends. I’ve seen many films which are clearly made to promote a sequal, however they normally tie up most of the plot lines, leaving one or two to be carried over. In Pirates none of the plot lines end, so the film turns into a 2.5 hour trailer for Pirates 3. 5/10

OmenThe Omen, saw this on the 6/6/06. Unlike the orginal this isn’t scary. Instead of using music to set the scene, they have scary dream sequences. 3/10

Toyko DriftFast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift. Unlike Pirates this film didn’t really have much of a plot, nor any real twists. However it did have fast cars sliding around and that was the reason why we went to see the film. A great fun film to watch with the freaky kid from American Gothic all grown up. 6/10

Da Vinci CodeThe last film that I haven’t been bothered to blog is The Da Vinci Code. As a Catholic I didn’t find it offensive. The film was ok, but Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou were crap, you just couldn’t believe in their characters, whilst Ian McKellen was just playing the same character he always plays. Jean Reno was good though. 4/10

Next week, Superman!

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